Another Penalty Shootout. Another Trophy. Another Season.

Karl CollierCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

The season started today with a game between Manchester United and Portsmouth in the FA Community Shield.

Darren Fletcher went close a few times in the first half, none more so than when he failed to score from 6 yards out. The only reason people can come up with is he took his eye off the ball, something you shouldnt do. The 2nd half started lively, just as the 1st ended. O'Shea played well too, which is a surprise, a big surprise. It really was a good team performance but sadly no one could beat David James, the guy really plays out of his skin. Nani has come on heaps and was unlucky not to score, he would have done if it wasnt for good defending from Campbell and Distin!

Giggs today also broke another record, the only player to win 7 Community Shields, he really is a living legend.

After the game finished 0-0, it went to penalties.
Diarra missed
Tevez scored
Defoe scored
Giggs scored
Mvembua (sp) missed
Carrick scored
Johnson missed

Exciting game, many chances and another trophy for United!