Yankees Suffer Dissapointing Loss

Taylor SmithCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

The New York Yankees lost on 8/9/08, to the red hot Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, and it's no surprise. The starting pitcher for the game, Dan Giese, let up only one run in his six innings of work, but the other pitchers let up ten runs including eight in the eighth inning.

Has anyone one else noticed that that happens to be their only problem? Pitching is a key in winning games, and the Yankees have none of it. However, I was surprised by Alex Rodriguez's solo home run in the sixth. It had appeared that he was in a slump, so a home run was a nice surprise for all fans. Jason Giambi followed up with a home run of his own. However, no matter how hot the Yankees bats were, they failed in their pitching, which led to their downfall