Predictions for SUMMERSLAM, EDGE-Undertaker, Triple HHH-The Great Khali

J BrownCorrespondent IAugust 10, 2008

Has Triple HHH finally met his match?  After Friday Night Smackdown, it appears that the Great Khali has Triple HHH in the "palm" of his hand.  With that vise grip, Triple HHH is going to have to watch his back at all times.  I think the only way for Triple HHH to come out with his WWE title, is to bring his backup, in the form of a sledgehammer.  Good Luck Triple HHH!!!!  We all be rooting for you to take out the Great Khali.

EDGE!  Wow, has Edge finally reverted back to that very dark place in his mind.  With his despicable actions on Smackdown, I sure hope the Undertaker puts Him through HELL IN A CELL.  However with a focused EDGE, He has always proven to be one step ahead of his adversary.  The future for EDGE, TRIANGLE CHOKE!!!  Undertaker needs to teach him a lesson and in the 6 weeks he has been gone, I am sure there is alot of pent up aggression to be taken out on EDGE.  Get ready folks this is going to be a HECK of a match.