The Five Greatest Fights Ever

joel seemanContributor ISeptember 17, 2010

The Five Greatest Fights Ever

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    Over the past century we as boxing fans have witnessed some fights that bored us to sleep.

    however every so often comes a fight that makes you jump out of your seat and say why can't they all be like that.

    the answer is simple, some guys were just custom build for each other. on any given night they could face anybody, they may lose badly but they might also put real punishment on there opponent.

    then they step in the ring with a man almost exactly like them and what you get are fireworks.

    these are in my opinion the greatest fights in the history of boxing.

#5 Muhammad Ali Vs Joe Frazier 3 The Thrilla In Manila

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    there first fight was a great one back in 1971, but the next one was a bit of a stinker as Ali was able to use his reach to move around without getting hit.

    then came the ''Thrilla In Manila'' one of the greatest fights in the history of the sport. both fighters had their moment in the fight. but the bottom line was they were both getting beaten up this was a far different fight from the first two the first would see Frazier winning and dropping Ali.

    the second saw Ali controlling the fight with ease.

    this one however would show both fighters on the exact same level.

    however at the end of the night there could be only one winner that man was Muhammad Ali. though history shows and if you yourself happen to see the Thrilla In Manila special that HBO aired,Ali was so tired after the 14th round that he was not about to come off his stool. so if Eddie Futch didn't stop the fight Frazier would have won.

#4 Thomas Hearns Vs Ray Leonard: The War

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    This fight would start before they even got in the ring. with verbal insults that started when Ray Leonard heard Tommy wanted to fight him.

    Ray would tell Tommy I'm gonna hit you eight times before one even know the first one hit you.

    the fight would take place on September 16th 1981 after a year of back and forth they finally met in the ring.

    the first round would start slow as both fighters were trying to figure each other out. however at the end of the first round Leonard would put his hand on Tommy's face as he put it to say '' I got you sucker'' Hearns didn't like that after the bell rang Tommy hit Leonard with a right hook.

    at that moment you remembered all the trash talk and so did they.

    as the second round began so too did Tommy hitting Ray with a package of  straight rights and multiple hooks. Tommy was trying to knock ray out, the fight would continue that way until the 6th round when ray landed a huge counter punch and wobbled Tommy. suddenly Ray was the stalker and he was trying to knock Tommy out.

    Tommy looked all but done, until the 8th round when he came out boxing swiftly moving around the ring and beating Ray to the punch.

    then before the 12th round with Angelo Dundee screaming at him telling him ''your blowing it kid your blowing it'' Ray came out on a mission to get this fight stopped. he almost did as he dropped Hearns in the tangled in the ropes in the 14th. again Tommy fell into the ropes and then round ended.

    the fight would end in the 15th after ray landed a huge right hook that sent Tommy into the ropes all Ray had to do was stay on him and keep punching. he did and the fight was stopped, ray was the true welterweight champion.

#3 Arturo Gatti Vs Micky Ward 1

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    the first fight or war as you could call it of this epic trilogy was by far in my opinion the best fight of all three.

    this fight unlike any other fight in history showed that two fighters who were both equals in the ring could become more.

    it would show that maybe these two men were meant to become friends in the worst way. when these two gentlemen met in the ring all hell broke loose. they would try their hardest to not only beat the other up, but kill the other man and when you watch the 9th round of this fight you see a man on the brink of death.

    Arturo Gatti should not have been standing at the end of the 9th round, but he was because he was in every sense a true warrior.

    both fighters were bloodied and beaten in this fight so bad it could have been stopped at any point. thank god it wasn't because what we got was one of the greatest fights you will ever see.

#2 Diego Corrales Vs Jose Luis Castillo 1

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    Pictured above shows not only the greatest comeback of all time in my opinion, but the one of the greatest wars you will ever witness.

    the fight would be a beating for both men back and forth punishment as each man tried to make their point.

    the later rounds would see Coralles with his left eye completely closed.

    in the tenth round of this epic fight Castillo would drop Coralles twice in the 10th round and to make matters worse referee Tony Weeks would take away 1 point due to Corrales continuously spitting out his mouth piece.

    then as the fight hit a fever pitch Corrales with only one good eye would shock everybody watching this battle.

    he would get on the inside and attack Castillo with blinding hooks until Castillo was against the ropes. suddenly Corrales threw punch after punch until Castillo was knocked out on his feet and Tony weeks stepped in to stop the madness.

#1 Meldrick Taylor Vs Julio Cesar Chavez

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    this was the greatest fight between two fighters in their prime. the night Julio Cesar Chavez and Meldrick Taylor met in the ring was the best thing to happen for Chavez and the worst thing happen to Taylor.

    the fight started off as a all out brawl with Taylor landing 2 to 1 for everything Chavez threw.

    but around the 9th round the fight started to take a dramatic turn. as Taylor's eye began swelling and his punches were no longer keeping Chavez off of him. although Talyor was ahead on every scorecard Chavez was wearing him out.

    as the fight came to the 12th round Taylors corner should have been telling him to back off and run the rest of the fight. however they didn't and what would happen next would be the worst call in referee history.

    with 16 seconds left in the fight Chavez would floor Taylor with a huge right hook. then with 8 seconds left Taylor was standing, suddenly with only 2 seconds on the clock Richard Steele would stop the fight Meldrick Taylor would have won a fight he rightfully did win.

    however after that fight Meldrick Taylor would never be the same he would have brain damage for the rest of his life, he should have won that fight, it was something he had worked all his life for.