Strikeforce: Five Reasons KJ Noons Vs. Nick Diaz Is The Wrong Choice

Robert GardnerSenior Analyst IJanuary 4, 2017

Strikeforce: Five Reasons KJ Noons Vs. Nick Diaz Is The Wrong Choice

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    Here we go again, Strikeforce has a golden opportunity to put a fight together that fans are clamoring for and they decide to go in the completely different direction leaving the entire MMA asking, "What are you doing?"

    I'm referring of course to Strikeforce's decision to match their welterweight champion, Nick Diaz, up against KJ Noons rather than Jason "Mayhem" Miller.

    I consider myself to be a pretty reasonable thinker and I can usually make some sense of the decisions that Strikeforce has made in the past, at the very least from a business standpoint, but I can't even wrap my mind around what they are trying to accomplish here.

    They don't even need to sell a fight between Diaz and Miller because it's a fight everyone has been talking about since that ugly post fight incident following the Jake Shields-Dan Henderson fight at Strikeforce: Nashville.

    I was initially set out to write an article defending Strikeforce's decision to go with KJ Noons but the more and more I really think about this fight the less I understand what they are trying to accomplish.

    Here are five reasons why KJ Noons v. Nick Diaz is a horrible choice.


5. KJ Noons Is A Freaking Lightweight

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    I get that KJ Noons and Nick Diaz have a bit of history as well and it makes sense that Strikeforce wants to utilize that to hype a title fight but the last time I checked their lightweight champion, Gilbert Melendez, does not have a fight lined up at the moment.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to give Noons, who is a lightweight, a shot at the lightweight champion if you are going to give him a title shot anyway?

    It would not be a hard fight to create interest in given the fact that Noons has defeated Melendez's teammate, Nick Diaz, in the the past.

4. Missing An Opportunity

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    As I stated in the title slide a fight between Nick Diaz and Jason Miller sells itself.

    Instead, Strikeforce must now put time, money and energy into not only trying to create hype for a Diaz-Noons matchup but they are going to have to answer a lot of questions as to why they decided not to promote a Diaz-Miller fight.

    Diaz v. Miller is a main event that could easily be one of the organizations highest rated and not taking advantage of all the buzz surrounding it is leaving a ton of money on the table.

3. Nick Diaz and Jason Miller Want To Fight

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    When guys are marketable, have history and they want to fight eachother it should be a no brainer to get a deal done and make the fight happen.

    All the work was already done for Strikeforce and they let it slip right through there fingers.

2. What Do You Do With Jason Miller Now?

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    Look, Jason "Mayhem" Miller is not an elite MMA fighter, he is a very good fighter and he is incredibly tough but no one is putting him in their Top-10.

    While Miller is not elite he is one of Strikeforce's most marketable commodities and it is important that they utilize his fame and his ability to hype a fight to their advantage every chance they get.

    If you are not going to give him Nick Diaz, then who are you saving him for? What is the big picture plan?

1. Damages Promotional Credibility

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    No promotion in MMA is without flaws, just look at the abortion that was the James Toney-Randy Couture fight the UFC promoted, but Strikeforce continues to make questionable decision after questionable decision and every time they do talks about their legitimacy as a top promotion begin to surface.

    Right now Strikeforce is easily number two to the UFC here in North America but when you have a thin roster and no real hype or buzz surrounding your promotion you have to make the best with what you have and it just seems that anytime they have a real chance to gain some ground they take a major step in the wrong direction.

    No one thinks that Jason Miller v. Nick Diaz is fight of the century material but not every fight has to be an incredible superfight. Diaz-Miller is a quality main event for just about any card Strikeforce could put together right now, Diaz-Noons not so much.