Nice Try, But Forget It: The Patriots Are Unstoppable

Forrest KobayashiSenior Analyst IDecember 9, 2007 After seeing the New England Patriots defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers today, one thing stood clear in my mind:

The New England Patriots will not only go undefeated in the regular season, they will win the Super Bowl, and go down as one of the best teams in the history of the NFL.

The Pats are stacked with roster talent, have the best coach in the National Football League, and have that magical "it" that many teams never find.

What is that "it", exactly? The luck found in calls, replay challenges, and the overall avoidance of serious injuries.

There will always be an amount of dubiousness to how New England got all 16 wins (if they go undefeated), with SpyGate putting a big asterisk on their accomplishments. But their accomplishments are undisputed: the Patriots are simply phenomenal.

So here's a breakdown of the Patriots last three games for this season, along with a glimpse at how their remaining opponents could potentially upset the powerhouse Patriots.

NYJ at NE, Week 15:

With the way the New York Jets have been playing, you'd think that they are no better than the New England second-string roster, and it could be true. But if Kellen Clemens can step up and post a Kyle Boller-like performance, with a solid rushing effort from running backs Thomas Jones and Leon Washington, then these guys will have a fighting chance.

But then again, the NYJ defense is among the worst in the league.

Conclusion: 0.1% chance of beating the Patriots

MIA at NE, Week 16:

Ohh geez! Just when you saw the Jets matchup, you probably concluded it can't get much worse than that. Well yes it can. The Dolphins are led by quarterbacks Cleo Lemon and John Beck. Who?

It is possible that the Patriots third-string team is capable of putting a fight up against this Dolphins offense. It is miserable. The Dolphins defense is unable to accomplish much of anything, because the offense can never stay on the field.

But if Miami can establish the running game early with RBs Samkon Gado and Patrick Cobbs, and keep Patriots QB Tom Brady off the field, then they stand a small chance. Gado ran well today, even in a horrific loss to the Bills.

Nonetheless, Tom Brady will throw for over 400 yards in this one. Don't you feel for those fish? Ohh, and the Buffalo Bills killed them today, 38-17.

Conclusion: 0.1% chance of beating the Patriots

NE at NYG, Week 17:

The New England Patriots will come into this game 15-0, and the Giants most likely to knock them off of their undefeated ways. But it is still an up-hill battle. The New York running back core is decimated, and Eli Manning is not throwing well at all.

The Giants defense is the team's strong suit, however, led by a fantastic (though injured) defensive line, strong linebackers, and a decent secondary. If NYG can establish the running game early, and tack on a couple great passes from Eli, the pace of the game could end up working well in the Giants favor.

They are by no means a bad team, but they will have to bring the best efforts they have for them to stand a chance. It is Week 17, too, and Belichick may want to rest his starters for the playoffs, which would be a logical move. Don't bank on it.

Conclusion: 20% chance of beating the Patriots

Will the Patriots go undefeated this season?