WWE Night Of Champions: Current Card and Predictions

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WWE Night Of Champions: Current Card and Predictions

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    What could be better than a night of the year when every WWE Title is defended on a single card? How about a night of the year when every WWE Title is defended on a single card and the matches seem relevant. It's no secret that the hype going into WWE PPV's hasn't been up to snuff in recent months (over the past year), according to the overwhelming majority of the IWC. Even the prestige of holding one of the coveted golden belts has diminished, as observed in Matthew Hester's recent "The WWE Titles: Why the Price Of Gold Is Going Down!"

The Matches

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    Intercontinental Championship Match – Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

    Big Show vs. CM Punk

    United States Championship Match – United States Champion The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

    Diva's and Women's Championship Unification Jumberjill Match – Diva's Champion Melina vs. Women's Champion Layla OR Michelle McCool

    World Heavyweight Championship Match – World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. The Undertaker

    WWE Championship Six Pack Challenge Match – WWE Champion Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Wade Barrett vs. ?

Intercontinental Championship Match

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    Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston

    If this isn't the epitome of the metaphor "beating the dead horse," I don't know what is. How many times over and over have we seen this match up? It seems like the only difference here is that Ziggler can't be disqualified or counted out lest he lose the title. That definitely gives Kingston the advantage in the match, but will it be enough to stop the man of perfection? With Guerrero at his side there's always the chance that she'll still interfere, regardless of the risk, and get away with it. Even the fact that she's there provides Kingston with some sort of distraction.

    Prediction – Dolph Ziggler retains cleanly (finally)

Non-Title Match

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    Big Show vs. CM Punk

    Yet another match we've seen over again, the saving grace of this being that it's finally a singles bout between the two. While some may say that's a disadvantage for the Straight Edge Savior, given the size of the World's Largest Athlete, I view it as the thing that will put him over the top. He's finally going one on one with his enemy and doesn't have his followers to slow him down. While Big Show has the size and strength advantage, Punk can finally take down his opponent without the SES getting in the way.

    I'd also like to mention Ian Malone's opinion article "Big Show vs. CM Punk Cheapens Night of Champions." While I don't agree with the article, he made a good point by saying "Why can't Ted DiBiase defend his Million Dollar Championship. It's the same thing as all the other belts. It doesn't get defended and no one cares about it."

    Prediction – CM Punk wins, sending him back into singles competition.

United States Championship Match

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    United States Champion The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

    If you've been paying any attention to the WWE at all this summer then you know that The Miz has been getting a major push. And that's putting it mildly. I think most of the IWC would agree with me in saying that this push will reach its peak at Night of Champions by dropping the belt and cashing in for the WWE Championship. I also think we're all in agreement when I say that Daniel Bryan not only deserves a belt, but he also has the talent and skill to hold it and defend it well. He's got plenty of experience and is very well liked by regular WWE fans and the IWC, alike. Although, there's also the possibility of interference by Alex Riley, possibly resulting in a disqualification and title retention for The Miz.

    Prediction – Daniel Bryan wins the United States Championship

Diva’s and Women’s Championship Unification Lumberjill Match

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    Diva's Champion Melina vs. Women's Champion Layla OR Michelle McCool

    Needless to say, this match had better be "flawless." With NXT season 3 rookies vying for larger roles, the Diva's division in shambles, and three of the best Diva's currently on the roster, we'd better see a great match here. The question here is which LayCool member will be defending her championship. There's also a possibility of making this a Triple Threat match, if McCool and Layla turn on each other, which I think is the greatest possibility. Of these three it's really an even matching all around. There's also the Lumberjills to take into consideration. What kind of impact will they make? The thing that helps me make my prediction the most is who WWE creative has given the most to in the past and how fast she regained her championship after returning.

    Prediction – Diva's Champion Melina will win and unite the titles

World Heavyweight Championship Match

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    World Heavyweight Champion Kane vs. The Undertaker

    Many from the IWC have been complaining about how we've seen this feud happen before and to just let it go. In my opinion, if it works, go back to it. How many times has there been a Kane vs. Undertaker feud? Many. And how many times was it entertaining? Every time. This is why we're seeing it again, because they make it work. The one game changing difference this time is that younger brother is now more dominant. The Undertaker has been weakened by his brother's attack on him and may never be the same, changing the feel of this match immensely.

    Prediction – Undertaker pulls an "upset," beating his brother for the World Heavyweight Championship.

WWE Championship Six Pack Elimination Match

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    WWE Champion Sheamus vs. John Cena vs. Randy Orton vs. Edge vs. Wade Barrett vs. Chris Jericho

    There are a few ways I can see this going, all of them result in one man holding the WWE Championship. No matter who wins this match, The Miz will walk out of Night of Champions as the real champion (I realize that I made the same prediction for Summerslam and was mistaken, much to my chagrin). I can see Superman winning, securing his place as transitional champion when the Awesome One cashes in. I can see Randy Orton winning, and when The Miz cashes in it will just add to the long list of recent PPV failures. If Edge wins there'll be an interesting situation with two top heels going at it when cashed on him. A cash in on the retaining Sheamus will definitely put a damper on another title reign from the Celtic Warrior. I can see The Miz getting even cockier after defeating a former NXT rookie and leader of Nexus, Wade Barrett. Then there's the open slot. And now that Chris Jericho is back in, he could win, allowing him to stay with WWE, but have Miz cash in on him. That'll mean he'd have lost two major championships to Money in the Bank cash ins this year.

    Prediction – See above. It's pretty "awesome."

Hell in a Cell

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    We'll enter Night of Champions with eight belts, but we'll leave the night with seven. How many will be new champions? How many will retain? This is why we love Night of Champions, so many possibilities. Once the night is over we'll have nothing to do but look back at how it all happened and then look forward to the macabre night ahead of us... Hell in a Cell.

    (Note: I will update the card as matches are updated throughout this week, so check back!)

    (Oh, and here's the roster for the upcoming Smackdown vs. Raw 2011 video game!)