NFC South After Week 1: New Orleans Appears The Best Team Still

Michael BruckContributor ISeptember 12, 2010

As all 4 NFC South teams wrap up their games, we begin to learn a little about all the teams. The Saints still look like the best team in the division when you add factors in like the quality of the opponent and how well rounded they were. The Buccaneers were the only other team in the division to win as they beat the Browns 17-14. Carolina and Atlanta both lost. Let's break down how each team did and who's the best in the division.

1. New Orleans Saints (Minnesota Vikings - W: 14-9)

The New Orleans Saints still look like to the top team in the NFC South as they get a good tough win against a quality team in the Vikings. They played solid defensively and offensively. The Saints show promise to another good season so far, and coaching seems solid.

2. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Cleveland Browns - W: 17-14)

It's hard to put Tampa at number two because I feel like the Panthers a little better, but they did get the win. Tampa Bay played solid but against a so/so team. This is definitely a team to watch because no one is expecting the Buccaneers to have a solid season, but they start the season 1-0 and they don't look completely horrible.

3. Carolina Panthers (New York Giants - L: 31-18)

The Panthers took a tough loss but it was against a quality team and they were on the road. They did show promise with the new quarterback, Moore, but there is much need for improvement. They turned the ball over 5 times and the defense could do better but they forced 4 turnovers. I like the chances for Carolina to have a pretty decent season this year, but they need to avoid careless mistakes.

4. Atlanta Falcons (Pittsburgh Steelers - L: 15-9)

The Falcons who are expected to take the NFC South crown this year couldn't even score a touchdown! Their loaded offense was a dud. Michael Turner had no chance against Pittsburgh and Ryan couldn't any momentum going. This team has a lot to work on and reviewing to see what went so wrong.

Please free to comment. I want this to be more like a discussion, so give me your opinions. How would you rank the NFC South after Week 1.