WWE Night of Champions Preview: Reviewing The Miz-Bryan Rivalry

Svyato RovenchukSenior Writer ISeptember 12, 2010

At Night of Champions, The Miz will put his US Championship on the line against Daniel Bryan (know by most as Bryan Danielson, but will be referred to as Daniel Bryan in this article).

The Miz/Bryan rivalry has been a well documented one, that’s for sure, and it’s one the WWE must have had building up for quite some time. That, or it was just pure brilliance on the spot. 

Let’s take a look back on what has happened between these two in the past and what might happen when the two collide at Night of Champions. 

This all started back when the Season 1 Pros and Rookies were announced. The biggest “rookie” of them all was none other than Daniel Bryan.

Many, if not all knew Daniel Bryan as the incredible indy star known as Bryan Danielson. When he was paired with the Miz, it certainly caused a lot of controversy in the IWC. 

Miz and Bryan continued to experience difficulties on the show, which evidently had Bryan eliminated. Bryan did not take just pack up his bags and go, he had some business left to be done as he kept appearing on NXT after his elimination. 

Most of us had expected him to move to Raw to start a feud with the Miz after that, instead he joined the rest of the rookies for Season 1 in a NXT Invasion. This would put most obviously, put the feud on hold.

However, Bryan would not stick around for long as he got “released” because of choking ring announcer Justin Roberts with his own tie during the rookie's first attack. 

Bryan would return at the biggest event of the summer, SummerSlam to join Team WWE in the 7 on 7 match. Cena had asked Miz to join earlier and had not heard a response until it was too late so he went with Bryan.

When Miz came out he found out his services were no longer needed as Bryan walked out to join Team WWE. As most could guess, he did not take too kindly too this as he attacked Bryan during the match. 

The next night Bryan made his first appearance on Raw since the NXT Invasion. He was in a match with Michael Tarver.

He would end up losing the contest after the distraction by the Miz. The two, well three with Alex Riley by Miz’s side, would fight after the match, ending with a Skull Crushing Finale onto the MITB Briefcase. 

The following week Cena and Miz went toe to toe with a special visit from Daniel Bryan during the matchup. Miz would get the win via DQ, but he did not look like a winner at all after the match as Bryan locked in a devastating submission hold on Miz. It would take five referees to separate Bryan from the Miz. 

The 900th episode of Raw had Miz & Riley tagging against the teams of Kaval & Bryan and Kofi & Double M. The match would end with Miz taking the victory after a Skull Crushing Finale.

After the match, Daniel Bryan would deliver a boot to Riley which would be the distraction Miz needed to attack Bryan from behind with the MITB briefcase. 

This week, it finally happened. Miz cut a promo about how he was on the cover of this month’s WWE Magazine which would be interrupted by none other than, Daniel Bryan.

Bryan issued a challenge to the Miz for the US Championship. One that would be accepted by The Awesome One.

After the two shook on it Miz attacked Bryan, but it would not go as Miz planned as he ended up in Bryan’s LeBell Lock. Alex Riley would come out of the crowd to try to make the save. Miz would get out of there, but Riley would not be so lucky as he was now the one that suffered Bryan’s submission maneuver.

Afterwards, Bryan would kick over the stand with the WWE Magazine cover photo featuring the Miz. 

So now that you are caught up to speed it’s time for you to make your predictions as to who will get the win at Night of Champions. To me, the call is easy to make. 

With WWE being so high on the Miz, the victory will undoubtedly go to Daniel Bryan. You’re probably thinking something like, “Didn’t you just say the WWE is high on The Miz? Wouldn’t that mean he gets the victory?” My answer is no, not at all. 

Here’s the deal. Miz can’t become the WWE Champion with the US Strap still around his waist (or on his shoulder, whatever). They need to get that belt off of him and who better to give it to than Daniel Bryan? 

It gives the WWE an opportunity to fully push Miz into the main event scene and keep people wondering as to when Miz will become the WWE Champion, which in my mind shouldn’t take too long. 

It also puts Bryan in the right direction. Despite his size, Bryan will be a big star in the WWE.

Starting him off with the US Championship is a great way to set him in the right direction. However, Bryan will need to actually defend the title, unlike Miz, who just walked around with it, never putting it on the line. 

So that’s my call on the situation. Bryan will get the victory at NOC, becoming the new United States Champion as Miz puts all his focus on when he will cash in that briefcase and win the WWE Championship. 

Ultimately, this is a win-win for the WWE. Hopefully their common sense will let them realize that so come Night of Champions, Daniel Bryan will hold the title up high as the newly crowned, US Champion.

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