2010 NFL Predictions: The Cowboys Fall From Their Horse And a Titan Surprise

Mark Anthony DiBelloContributor ISeptember 12, 2010

I have studied football for 4 decades.  Here is research from 2005.
I have studied football for 4 decades. Here is research from 2005.


“For what it is worth” as they say…here is a forecast on the 2010 NFL Season written and then posted hours before the opening games on Sunday, September 12, 2010.

Please keep in mind my notation on making final adjustments after two weeks of the season, as the best indicator for me is to simply watch the teams play.  I am blessed, I believe, to have an eye for talent and success, and thus, these prognostications, in my mind, should only be finalized after witnessing all the teams in action.


I do want to make a few notes, to begin, however, before the rankings and projections listed below….

In the NFC East, it realistically may be the Eagles, Giants, Redskins and Cowboys (in that order)…but this is a weak division who must face the two toughest and best divisions: The AFC South and the NFC North, plus a habitual split with each other in their own division and an improved Redskin team; but with all due respect, the Cowboys fall off their horse.

In the NFC North, the Bears will make a marked improvement.

In the NFC South, I tend to the think the Saints can remain and hold-off the challenge from the Falcons.

In the NFC West, this is a toss-up to be decided in Week 17.  And the Cardinals may just hang on.

 In te AFC East, the Pats and the Jets will be there.

In the AFC North, only the Ravens, I believe will make the playoffs.  The Bengals were an anomaly last season.

In the AFC South, the Titans will be near the top and could beat out the Colts and the Texans and Jags are each improving.

In the AFC West, it’s likely just the Chargers in the playoffs, even though Denver should lockdown second spot.

For further review, please read on….





New England Every team begins at the ownership position and Mr. Kraft is a genius.  He hired the game’s best Coach in Bill Belichik and the Pats have a veritable dynasty.  However, like the Roman Empire, all things must come to an end; and tragically, the dynasty is apparently over in New England.  This team is at its weakest in a handful of years.

NY JetsThe word is out on the Jets as being the “in” team in the AFC.  However, when the “public” and media favor a team, I suggest they are usually incorrect.  Plus, too much talking and publicity is not a good thing and can take its knocks.  However, I do reserve one absolutely saintly miraculous situation for them, but you must read the end of these projections.

Miami I predict this team will be a Super Bowl contender in the coming years simply based on the fact the ownership is building a unique and innovative franchise, much like the celebrity ownership and the offense’s institution of the “wildcat.”  In fact, the addition of LeBron James to the Heat will actually spill over onto positivity and success for the NFL team in South Florida.  It has been said, “success breeds success” as was evidenced with the league’s two premiere coach’s the aforementioned Bill Belichik and the New Orleans Saints’ Sean Payton, both the genetic product of the Dolphin’s present genius, guru, and General Manager Bill Parcells.

Buffalo BillsThis team has so much potential, yet potential is no more than underachievement.  And for various reasons, not to mention, a tough division, the Bills won’t likely make it out of the cellar.



Baltimore – This was a very good team last year; and this should be a very good team this year.  And surprisingly, the Ravens may be flying under the radar when it comes to talk of a Super Bowl, but again, this team has consistently improved over the last handful of years and I believe their time is here and they may well represent the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh – The Steelers are one of the most consistent Champions the NFL has known in recent decades. However, with a starting Quarterback suspended and a city in economic arrears, I suspect a dark gloom will hover over the Three Rivers area.  I read the patriarch of the Heinz family, for whom the stadium is named, is a devoutly spiritual man and that must be reflective of the “class” of this organization; but coupled with the rise of others, one must fall, and so too will the Steelers.

Cincinnati – A successful and surprise team last season, but I am not a believer and don’t believe they will repeat such success although others perhaps do. 

Cleveland – This team had a great opportunity with close loses and a bad turnover ratio, to be a surprise winner last season, but they failed.  Truthfully, a team like Cleveland could really advance if it were not for compromising so many opportunities with Field Goal attempts and conversions.  Cleveland can improve, but is in a tough division, thus they won’t.



Tennessee This team collapsed to start the 2009 season, after having opening with a 10-game undefeated campaign in 2008.  And it is that kind of “vacuum” that affected the Patriots after a Giant defeat and I project, the Colts, after the Saints Super Bowl defeat.  However, this year should be a fine and successful “bounce-back” season for the Titans.

 Indianapolis – The best team in the NFL last season.  However, a team should not (as written here, last season) ever forfeit a potentially perfect season for some strategic rest.  Perfection is a blessing and the supreme motivator.  And as blessed as a team as the Colts were (my childhood favorite), I fear that a natural let-down and sort of daze will “curse” Indianapolis this season.  The talent and blessed people are there, but an “anointing” may be gone.

Houston – Former Coach Dungy believed Houston was improving and consistently closing in on Indianapolis; and I believe they will continue to close.  However, there is something amiss spiritually in Houston, and I just can’t put my finger on it, it may have to do with being awarded a franchise recently, but there is a reason they will not make the playoffs.

Jacksonville – I believe this is the Nation’s oldest chartered city; and I know, the NFL’s smallest franchise; and the neighbor to the blessed son of St. Monica; St. Augustine.  For that spiritual reason, coupled with foundation of the Baptist faith in the USA, being birthed there, I believe there is a sort of awakening or New Orleans Saint-like presence going on there.  Especially when the Saints were struggling and if there is a hurricane or some natural disaster, and/or combined with an economic or “spiritual” failure; this may well be the team that heads west to Los Angeles.  In which case, they will go the same chartered course of New Orleans and may well win a Super Bowl in the next 6 years.




San Diego – This team has had every opportunity, with arguably the most talent in the league for a few years, however, a lack of the premiere playoff achievements will kick-in at some point and I am going to guess that this may be the season finally match their talent with coaching and playoff success.

Denver – Seems to start speedily each of the last couple of seasons, only to fade.  Well, one of these seasons that speedy start from the gate will keep the others in their wake.  So with a real “feel” for something spiritual going on in Denver, I project this may well be the season the Broncos creep right up to the Chargers and will soon pass them.

Oakland – The Raiders are an amalgamation of a team in the sense that they entire unit is like a “free agent” and has a sort-of “roller-coaster” nature that could see them at the top of the hill or the bottom of the heap.  Well, if Denver improves and San Diego doesn’t collapse; then the best Oakland can do is the “middle of the pack.”

Kansas City – This is a poor team, in the sense of talent and sadly in the sense of spirit, for some reason.  And I sadly project they will fare poorly in this and subsequent seasons.







Washington – The only place for a longshot team to go who was at the bottom of a division, as with the Redskins in 2009, after the other teams falter and fall, is to rise to the occasion and the top; and if the President brought a revolutionary new blood to the Capitol; well so too can the ambitious Daniel Snyder and Head Coach Mike Shanahan to the ‘Skins.  And in a major upset Washington can up seat its foes in the highly touted and overrated NFC East.

Philadelphia – An archrival of mine when it comes to prognostication, either because it used to be the US Capitol, or because of it being called the “City of Brotherly Love”; too spite the fact the fans are typically unruly and controversy seems to swirl around the Eagles; I must continue to believe this is an overrated team in a preposterously over-hyped division.

NY Giants – If it were not for a new stadium and a hard-working Coach, the Giants would fall faster than Goliath did to King David.  The good news is: there is not much, I don’t believe, that separates the mediocre NFC teams in this division, so anything can happen.  But a champion, even a Super one, can collapse and free fall after the perfect upset of the Pats.

Dallas – I respect Mr. Jerry Jones; and were it not for him, Dallas would be worse off, for sure.  His ownership has had the Cowboys riding high ever since he rode into town; however, in a culture that seen through the eyes of a media who loves Dallas and a public perception of “America’s Team” there is always the opportunity that the perception does not match the reality, and I realistically think the Cowboys are an average team in a weak division and facing a brutal schedule.



Minnesota – With all due respect, the Vikings are and will likely be, again, a turnover away from the Super Bowl.  Not to mention, to win The Big One, the ownership and coaches must all be supreme but here in the Twin Cities, something is amiss and this perhaps, most-talented of NFC teams should prevail here, again.

Green Bay – The Pack is back.  However, they are in a surprisingly tough division and too many people are talking Super Bowl in Title Town, thus I fear the Packers may fall a game or two short this season as they were the recipients of a lot of turnovers last season and Chicago may surpass them.

Chicago – This is an improving team.  However, they are in a tough division with a hard schedule and there may be no room at the top for the “Monsters of the Midway.”  There is a need for a wide-receiving corps and a confidence in Chi-town, but Chicago can be pleased, I believe, with a fine season they will give the Pack and Vikes a run for a playoff spot.

Detroit – In the era of free-agency, and league parity, anything can happen in any game and thus in any season; and one day, Detroit might rise from the ashes and motor their way up this division.  But this existence is one of creation, evolution and revolution; and the Lions have not evolved enough in over a decade to advance about their forerunners in the North.






New Orleans – My personal pick to ultimately win the Super Bowl, yes, the Super Bowl, from back in the mid-2000’s.  My faith was cemented after the arrival of the innovative and visionary, Sean Payton; and naturally, my prognostication of a victory in the Super Bowl last season, was a personal feat whereby I can only thank God.  But like all those who work, rise, build and create, there is a thief waiting to steal and destroy and a humanly natural let-down will likely prevail this season.  And just as The Creator is disenchanted with the revelry that seems to engulf New Orleans a hurricane and an oil spill cannot revive the anointed emotion for the Boys of the Bayou in their quest to repeat.

Atlanta – As unveiled by others, and discovered here years ago, this division is the most volatile and topsy-turvy in the NFC and NFL.  It’s a division that juxtaposes teams that can go from worst-to-first, and certainly can show dramatic differences in the division.  Well, I believe the Falcons just can’t improve enough to dethrone the Saints….were it not for Coach Payton and the Underdog mentality in the Big Easy, the Falcons could win this division.

Carolina – This ball club has had their chances and failed to perform to expectations.  And even though this is a classy team with a fine owner, as far as I know, something is just not right.  In fact, there seems to be too much wrong, so the habitually forecast to win the division, Panthers, will remain mired in the middle of the pack in the South.

Tampa – Things are not good in this city.  This is a tough and tempting town for people who thirst for victory.  However, this is team short on talent and it does not appear they can rise above the tide to the upper echelons of this division.



Arizona – Many believe that the best team in this division is no longer the best; however, I have not seen enough guaranteed improvement in the West, from any team, to fly above the Cardinals.  And even though I don’t foresee any team advancing from the West, I think this title will come down to the final game of the season.

San Francisco – My pick at the end of the post-season, last season, to make a dramatic improvement; however, too many people and the media have caught wind of the 49’ers; thus I fear I may read them wrong and they will only land in second place in the West; but this division is a coin-toss and I believe in Coach Mike Singletary.

Seattle – I don’t recall if this team has ever won or been in a Super Bowl.  And while I do think this is likely the weakest division in the NFL, much weaker than the critique written on the NFL East; there are not enough dramatic developments to change the stagnant NFC West.

St. Louis – This is a poor quality team in a weak division.  It doesn’t get worse than that; however, it’s easier to move ahead if you are the worst team in the worst division, than it is in a division laden with talent and superiority.







Division Winners

New England (80%)                                                      

Baltimore (95%)

Tennessee (75%)

San Diego (80%)




NY. Jets (80%)

Indianapolis (85%)




Conference Championship

Tennessee (75%) v. Baltimore (75%)




Division Winners

NY. Giants (50%)                                            

Minnesota (85%)

New Orleans (70%)

Arizona (60%)




Green Bay (75%)

Atlanta (70%)




Conference Championship

Minnesota (85%) v. New Orleans (75%)


Super Bowl

Tennessee (75%) v. Minnesota (25%)



Tennessee (50%)


KEY: (%) is probability of correctness.

NOTE:  After viewing only 2 weeks of the NFL season and reviewing all the teams, I may make minor alterations.

 “On paper,” this is 75% accurate.  However, my “eye for talent” is near-perfect and will make projections 91% accurate.


FINAL NOTE:  In a divinely-inspired creation, I penned an NFL Commercial that evolved into an NFL Super Bowl for all-time that featured the NY Jets vs. the New Orleans Saints.  And this season, 2010, that appears it could be a real possibility.