The Hot Debate: Which Is The Best League In Europe and Why?

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The Hot Debate: Which Is The Best League In Europe and Why?

The supremacy of European leagues has been a topic of debate for a long time. There have been numerous debates among football fans of different leagues over which league is the best. While every league has its positives and negatives, no one league has been accepted to be the best by anyone yet.

Hence I thought that B/R should have its very own debates to which is the best league. We have fans of  different leagues giving their reasons as to why their league is the best in Europe. The leagues in contention will be English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, and the German Bundesliga.

There are numerous other leagues all over Europe but these four are seen as the best. Hence, I chose only the four leagues, and I do not wish to undermine the other leagues by my omission.

Representing English Premier League will be Liverpool Featured Columnist Kaustav Bose. He has been a Reds' fan since he started watching the game, and his articles on his club are very popular on B/R as we all know.

While choosing the candidate for representing the Spanish La Liga I had no trouble. The La Liga's most active member, and an equally vocal Barcelona supporter as well as a Featured Columnist, the very popular Manuel Traquete.

Representing the German Bundesliga is none other than the hugely popular Bundesliga Featured Columnist, and Community Leader Vampy Archer. He is very popular and is a no-nonsense guy. One of my favourite writers for his straightforward thoughts, and their presentation.

When the thought of Italian Serie A came I could think of none other than AC Milan Featured Columnist, and the immensely popular Ivan Soldo, whose articles are a treat to read.

I myself did not participate as I felt it would be better to get the views of these popular and known writers, and my participation would weigh down the debate in favour of EPL.

Hope everyone has a read and they enjoy the debate. Your views will be appreciated and looked forward for.

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