United loking for title number 11.

George ButcherCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2008

The 2007/08 season ended on a high for Manchester united as they won the double over Chelsea, capturing the league title and the champions league.

With many key players out and no signings as yet, man united are having quite a Rocky start to the new campaign.

United now need to concentrate on the upcoming league opener against Newcastle and need as many players fit as possible if they are to expect a win. With Ronaldo injured, and 9 key players out from an illness, united are looking to bring in more reserve players to help as much as they can. A hopeful Berbatov signing would boost united' chances of coming out the victors, and would benefit their striking force. United still have a strong back four but are without a few central players.

United need to train for a strong Newcastle who are looking to beat the best team first. Without a win, United can kiss the league goodbye because every point counts, and as Fergie knows, a three point loss is crucial. As long as United keep strong minded, and don't make too many mistakes then they can be victorious. Concentration is every bit important as the actual play itself in a match like this because the team need to be able to retrieve and accurately pass the ball all the time. Defending and scoring are Unitd' main concerns as Newcastle will be  looking to get at goal and stopping United scoring throughout the entire match. With perhaps Tevez and Rooney upfront, balls will constantly be played forward, and United will look for goals. 

Once the first game is over, United can relax a little but still look to win every other game of the season. When all the players are back fit then United can win more game, and can defeat the top teams in both the premiership and the champions league. By the end of another tireing season, United are looking to help Giggs win his magic 11th legue title ............. just like the back of his shirt says.