Top 15 Entrance Themes Currently In WWE

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Top 15 Entrance Themes Currently In WWE

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    When I thought it would be nice to try a slideshow, choosing of topic was pretty simple for me. As a huge music fan, ever since Taker´s biker theme, Rollin´, and Kane´s scary, organ filled Burned hit my ears, I started to pay close attentions to wrestler´s music.

    During years, we witnessed many great music pieces in WWE, either associated with their composer Jim Johnston, or with various bands who contributed with their work and talent. I noticed there were already many similar rankings, but most of them concentrated on greatest all-time and were loaded with music from the past. I decided to do something different and look at the music of present WWE. I tried to judge themes on various criteries like popularity, memorability, how they fit the character and ignite reaction from the crowd.

    So here are the 15 best themes in WWE today!

Honorable Mentions

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    These themes just missed the final cut:

    Triple H - The Game by Motorhead

    Undertaker - Graveyard Symphony by Jim Johnston

    Kane - Man On Fire by Jim Johnston

    Jack Swagger - Get Down On Your Knees by Age Against the Machine

    Mr.McMahon - No Chance In Hell by Jim Johnston and Peter Bursuker

    Evan Bourne - Born to Win by Mutiny Within

    John Cena - My Time Is Now by John Cena and Tha Trademarc

15. Christian - Just Close Your Eyes by Story of the Year

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    Starting this slideshow, we have Just Close Your Eyes, currently used by Christian.

    When Christian returned from TNA, he got his old theme back, but with a little facelift. Old version was sang by Rachel Hagen, singer of Kentucky band Waterproof Blonde, while the new one is performed by band Story of the Year. Comparing is inevitable, since it´s a same song. And new version loses. The more emotional woman vocals and slower tempo of the WB version made it stand out and sound special. SotY basically turned it into generic rock piece. Good, but nothing spectacular.

    While it´s very popular and gets a good reaction, I simply cannot place Just Close Your Eyes higher when I know it was already done and it was done better. So Captain Charisma lands on 15th place.

14. Dolph Ziggler - I Am Perfection by Cage9

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    Dolph Ziggler´s theme, I Am Perfection by Cage9, has number 14 in my countdown.

    Since he got this piece, Dolph has full package-wrestling skills, looks, mic skills and finally a representative theme. While I feel it´s too much pointing to fact that Dolph is a Mr.Perfect´s rip-off, I can´t take the fact that it represents his character and personality. And that it´s way better than his previous theme. Mr.Ziggles has a bright future ahead of him, so we should prepare to hear this one more often. I´m Ok with it.

13. Cody Rhodes - Smoking Mirrors by Matt White

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    Cody Rhodes´ theme, Smoking Mirrors is at no.13.

    When Cody became "Dashing", he needed not just a lot more facials and leg shaving, but also a theme which could represent the "Dashing" personality. Smoking Mirrors does a great job here. A catchy pop/rock piece, performed by New York musician Matt White, gives you feel of his narcisstic character and makes you like Cody even when he´s telling you that he hears you getting fatter. And of course, first tones of this song give Cody good amount of heat which gets even louder when "The Dashing One" comes out and adores himself in the digital mirror.

    P.S.:Big props to this song for getting us rid of that awful, uninspiring guitar piece Rhodes used when he came to SmackDown. Good work.

12. Ted DiBiase - It´s a New Day by Adelitas Way

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    Number 12 is occupied by former Legacy theme, It´s a New Day by Adelitas Way, currently used by Ted DiBiase.

    While it is Cody who got more airtime, more exposure and more interesting characcter after Legacy break-up, Ted is the one who walked away with better theme. Performed by Las Vegas band Adelitas Way, who also performs WWE Superstars theme, this song makes it clear to you that "It´s a New Day" for Ted after Legacy. This new day may be filled with Superstars appearances, but it doesn´t take value from this piece, which seems pretty popular among the fans. Let´s just hope the sun will finally shine on this new day. On this photo, Ted looks like he´s hoping too.

11. The Miz - I Came to Play by Downstait

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    11th place belongs to Miz and his theme, I Came to Play by Downstait.

    I was surprised to find out that Miz didn´t like his previous theme, Reality. I thought it was a solid and memorable piece of guitar work. But what came after it is a just what The Awesome One needed. It fits better with the new, improved Miz, who is not a Chick Magnet anymore, now he´s The Miz and he´s Awesome. And opening song with this catchphrase was a great idea. When"AWESOME!" hits, crowd is gonna boo their lungs off. Miz should stay using this song as long as possible, because it simply fits him perfectly.

10. Bret Hart - Return of The Hitman by Jim Johnston

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    Bret "The Hitman" Hart and his Return of The Hitman theme are at 10th place.

    If Bret wasn´t appearing WWE, I´d probably have Hart Dynasty´s New Foundation here. But Bret does appear, and his theme is simply better. This instrumental piece is basically Bret´s old theme, Hart Attack, played in different tempo. Jim Johnston did a great job, when he payed homage to the classic piece, but also added something new to it. The legendary opening and guitar riff are still there, but Johnston´s touch can be heared. It´s like a symbol, that returning Hart brought back something from the old days with him when he returned to WWE.

9. Chris Jericho - Break the Walls Down by Jim Johnston and Adam Morenoff

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    Saving us at 9th place, Chris Jericho with his theme, Break the Walls Down.

    Anyone remeber when Y2J came to WWE? Yeah, the same song played. That moment is a huge piece of wrestling history. Although Jericho used many songs during his career, including one by his own band Fozzy, Break the Walls Down is what represents him and fits him best. When crowd hears "Break the Walls Down!", The Best in the World at What He Does always gets huge reaction.

8. Zack Ryder - Radio by Watt White

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    Zack Ryder and his song Radio are at 8th place.

    This song is very popular and I´m honestly not surprised. At first, I didn´t like it, but it just got into my head and refused to go out. A likeable pop/rock song with very catchy and memorable beat has a kind of summer feeling in it. Lyrics also contribute to this and perfectly describe Zack´s character, which cares mostly about babes and living easy. I don´t know Watt White but he deserves recognition for his job here.

7. The Nexus - We Are One by 12 Stones

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    We Are One, hymn of The Nexus, takes 7th place in my ranking.

    When NXT rookies became a group which invaded RAW, I thought they´re gonna use NXT theme Wild&Young. But I was wrong. They introduced new theme song, We Are One, by Louisiana rock band 12 Stones. And it was a great choice. I never liked Wild&Young much, and We Are One is amazing. It makes you feel that this is really the song Nexus listens to before matches. It perfectly demonstrates their unity, teamwork and pack mentality, with refrain "We are one, we are one, we are one, we will stand together" speaking for itself.

    Fun fact: Did you know that 12 Stones singer is Paul McCoy, who was featured in famous  Evanescence song Bring Me to Life?

6. Randy Orton - Voices by Rev Theory

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    The Apex Predator of WWE, Viper Randy Orton comes at 6th place with his theme Voices.

    When Randy Orton made character change, and cocky Legend Killer transformed into cold and calculating Viper, he also changed his popular old theme Burn in my Light by Mercy Drive and introduced Voices by Rev Theory, which quickly rose to similar popularity. Its cold, monotonous sound matches Randy´s snake like cold-blooded personality and always brought him insane reaction. When "I hear the voices..." hits, people who were once booing him like crazy are now cheering the biggest anti-hero since Austin with same intensity. Randy should stay with this theme as long as he´ll be Viper. There´s simply nothing else what we could associate with the character more.

5. CM Punk - This Fire Burns by Killswitch Engage

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    IWC´s favorite villain, CM Punk, brings his song This Fire Burns with him to the 5th place.

    It´s pretty interesting coincidence that man on the previous slideshow, Randy Orton, used this theme for one week before it became Punk´s. But I think this song would never suit him as well as it suits Punk. "Fire which burns always" mentioned in the lyrics is a metaphor of Punk´s straight edge belief, and aggressive musical side gives urgency to whole song. Good work by talented musicians from Killswitch Engage.

4. Sheamus - Written In My Face by Sean Jenness

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    The current WWE champion takes the 4th place.

    The Celtic Warrior has a theme which matches his character perfectly. Hymnic piece with strong guitar riffs is a true warrior hymn with Irish feel to it. One thing I miss in current version is that it lacks the violin intro from ECW. But even without it, this song is a fantastic showing of Jim Johnston composing talent. And also talent of Sean Jenness-I don´t know that guy and I don´t know if he´s Irish, but his powerful voice is another impressive part of song´s atmosphere. Written In My Face rose to popularity with fans very quickly, which is another proof of great work by every man involved in it.

3. Matt Hardy - Live for the Moment by Monster Magnet

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    Theme song of Matt Hardy is at 3rd place.

    When you hear "Oh, Yeah!", you get to the edge of your seat, because The Man Who Will Not Die is coming. Matt Hardy, one of the most beloved superstars in WWE right now is equipped with this exciting stoner rock piece by Monster Magnet for quite some time. It gets him amazing pop and lyrics reflect lifestyle Matt presented since Hardy Boyz days. Plus, this song is just full of energy and Dave Wyndorf´s voice charisma is one of a kind. Matt is too old to change his theme and I hope he´ll never think about it. There´s nothing other I wanna hear when Hardy comes out than Live for the Moment.

2. Drew McIntyre - Broken Dreams by Shaman´s Harvest

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    Broken Dreams performed by Shaman´s Harvest are at place 2.

    Drew is one lucky bastard. Not only he´s Mr.McMahon´s Chosen One, Triple H´s friend and Tiffanny´s husband, but he also has one of the greatest wrestling themes I´ve ever heard and one of the most badass titantrons I´ve ever seen. Shaman´s Harvest managed to make the song sound cold and sinister, while not making it monotonous or boring, and giving it right tempo and atmosphere. Also do you believe same man named Darren Call who sang this, sang also Miz´s theme? I guess Mr.Call must be a voice chameleon. Fabulous song, in fact, there´s only one better in WWE right now. And it is...

1. Edge - Metalingus by Alter Bridge

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    Yes, the greatest song currently used by WWE superstar is Metalingus by Alter Bridge.

    Edge started to use Metalingus, one of the most popular Alter Bridge songs, in 2004. It isn´t exactly the same version as on One Day Remains. Song begins with "You think you know me?" line, which says everything about Ultimate Opportunist´s character, and with more aggressive intro. All this changes were made to make song more fitting for Edge and and they were done perfectly. Metalingus is a highly energetic rock song sung by exceptional vocalist, which earns Edge a lot of cheers (especially considering fact he´s a heel) and has its rightful place at the top of this ranking.

Final Thoughts

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    Do you think I missed some song? Or that some of them are too high/low? Leave a feedback in the comments section.

    Thank you for your time!