NCAA Football: What I Learned From Alabama-Penn State

Alan BassSenior Writer IMarch 11, 2017

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Note: Allow me to set the record straight – I do not have a favorite school. I enjoy seeing certain schools have success, but never do I cheer for a specific football program to succeed. I simply watch the games.

After watching Notre Dame host the Michigan Wolverines, there were some positives and negatives coming out from each sideline.

Continuing this regular segment, I go through the standout players, those that need work and tendencies of each team that must be praised or fixed.


No One Can Beat Alabama

They just look like they’re the best team in the country – and they are. There is a reason they won the National Championship last season and why they were the preseason number one team in the nation. Every aspect of the game was nearly perfect. Greg McElroy completed passes with precision. Trent Richardson dodged almost every defender that came within ten yards of him.


Penn State Isn’t That Bad…Alabama Is Just That Good

Penn State had 127 rushing yards and over 150 passing yards against the defending national champions. Though they didn’t really impress, you have to remember who they were playing and the fact that they had some good chances that almost led to touchdowns.



Trent Richardson For Presi…Heisman!

In the first half, Richardson rushed for 102 yards, averaging almost eight yards per rush. Though he didn’t have a touchdown in the first half (he scored one in the second, but only rushed for 42 yards), he kept you on the edge of your seat because of his mixture of speed, power and finesse. He nimbly dodged tacklers and was able to rack up the yards throughout the night. If he can tear apart Penn State like he did, there’s no reason why he can’t become the second consecutive (and second ever) Alabama Heisman winner.


You Can Clearly Tell Robert Bolden Is a True Freshman

Regardless of his stats, Bolden simply looked nervous in the pocket. He had no concept of the play clock, causing his coaches to call timeouts for him to bail out the offense. His passes were fairly accurate, but he was not the best at decision-making. He also seemed intimidated by Bryant-Denny Stadium. Okay, with all honesty, I think anyone would be intimidated in that atmosphere. But he had a lot of trouble getting settled in the pocket.


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