Monterrey Defeats Tigres UANL in a Game That Left Much To Desire

Roberto Alvarez-GallosoChief Writer ISeptember 11, 2010

Tigres UANL
Tigres UANLJonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Monterrey faced the Tigres UANL in Estadio Universitario located in Mexico. The game itself was poorly done, even though Humberto Suazo scored the only goal for Monterrey.

He scored the goal within the beginning of the second half, assisted by Osvaldo Martinez and kicking from the left position to the right side of the goal post.

It was the only time where excitement reigned in this game.

The rest of the game was uneventful, with both teams just playing in order to kill time. The errors that were made were pitiful. It is so sad since both teams that are traditional rivals have a tendency to play games that are electrifying.

The players would stall on the corner kicks and passes. There were times when there was almost no consistency in the game.

Armando Archundia was the referee who administered justice in this game. Jose Arturo Rivas (UANL) received the first yellow card within 38 minutes for an infraction against Ricardo Osorio of Monterrey.

The result was a free kick for Monterrey that they were unable to capitalize on. Arturo Sancho Sanchez (UANL) received another yellow card for an infraction against Ricardo Osorio.

Damian Alvarez (UANL) received a warning from the same referee for the same infraction against Ricardo Osorio who appeared to be feigning his injustice.

I often wander if the referee was either biased or whether he was blind to the acting that Ricardo Sanchez was doing to make the game more exciting.

Archundia gave a yellow card to Luis Perez (Monterrey) for an infraction against Lucas Lobo (UANL). The Tigres were unable to capitalize on the free kick with Lucas Lobo attempting to score but the ball was deflected from the goal post.

Damian Alvarez received a yellow card for a foul against Luis Perez which gave Monterrey a chance to have a free kick.

Monterrey then decided to substitute Humberto Suazo with Jesus De Nigris Sergio Perez was out of bounds with his kick that left Monterrey wandering how to play a true football/soccer game.

The same pattern repeated itself when Jesus De Nigris received a yellow card for a foul against Hugo Ayala. The way was prepared for Tigres UANL who was unable to take advantage of the situation.

The game ended as it started with little fanfare and no most valued player of the game. It was a pity that it happened.

The Tigres UANL team admitted that they were unable to execute a game plan in spite of their having the ball, the initiative, the desire to win, and the hometown advantage.

Monterrey will be playing its next game against Marathon from Honduras in their next CONCACAF Champions Game on September 14, 2010. It has to be more electrifying in the next game.

Tigres UANL will have to find a workable game plan to be considered serious contenders in the 2010-2011 Mexican League games. Its next opponent is against Puebla on September 19, 2010. It may be to the advantage of the team that Puebla is still suffering from internal strife

Monterrey 1-0 Tigres UANL

Estadio Universitario in Mexico