Brett Myers Actually Earns A Paycheck: Proves He's Still A Punk

Michael MulraneyCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2008

Breaking News: The Philadelphia Phillies scored a run today. In fact, they scored four. Which is a whole two more than they needed.

Jimmy Rollins got things going by tripling down the right field line and scoring the first Phillies run in 23 innings. J-Roll ended up going 4-for-4 with a pair of triples, proving that he owns Ian Snell (which is quite an accomplishment...).

Brett Myers pitched a gem. Getting ahead of hitters and using all of his pitches. However, like in all Brett Myers-pitched games, he had to embarass himself and his franchise by acting like a spoiled brat. 

Myers had been cruising along through seven-plus innings, but then, with back to back left-handed hitters, manager Charlie Manuel came to give his starter the hook. Now, that is a good move by good ol' Uncle Charlie. But Myers didn't think so. He started by walking around the mound, cursing, and stomping like a 3-year-old. Then he left the field with his head down, cursing the whole way. 

He acted as if he just lost the game. That Manuel had lost the game by putting in JC Romero, quite possibly the best left-handed specialist in the league. Myers then got into a verbal fight with Manuel. Despite the fact that he's constantly ridiculed because of his bumbling speech, Manuel is a good baseball man and doesn't deserve such treatment. Especially from a guy who's spent time in the minors because he couldn't get anybody out. 

Phils win, so the Mets and Marlins stay out of first today. We fans can only hope Myers is reprimanded by the Phils. Perhaps another minor-league stint will show this guy. He's not as good as he thinks he is, and that is a shame.