PROWL:The Beginning of WHAT?

Mike AKA the ProfessorCorrespondent ISeptember 11, 2010


The following parody is a many chapter-ed satirical rendering. It will be serialized over the next few weeks. Each week a new chapter will appear, revealing more as the story unfolds. It will be published in it’s entirety on my new blog site, to be found on Blogger entitled "The Professor's Write Site".  As a treat to my friends, fans and readers, however the first chapter will be presented The Bleacher Report.

This story will be reminiscent of an old serial cliff hanger a la “Strand Magazine” circa the late nineteenth and early twentieth Century. This style was again popular in the early days of motion 
pictures and radio. So journey back with me to a style from yesteryear. 

Please be my guest as you use your imagination to encompass this author’s creative attempt. I present, for your reading pleasure, something totally different on this venue. My parody will 
use satire among other forms, to convey the story for you to enjoy.

Being as it is a fantasy as well, I’ve chosen to change my characters names to spice up this idiom a little. For those familiar with DC and Marvel Comic Magazines as well as Science Fiction’s alternate universe genre, welcome to the party as my guest.

PROWL:The Beginnings of "What"?

The past few months had been awash with the rumors! Those same five letters were showing up, in identical script, the exact colors and now this word evoked fear in those who saw it. Everyone had their own ideas! Some said they had heard it was this. Others said "No!! WRONG!!! It wasn’t THIS! I heard from people who know it’s definitely that for sure!"

The speculation was heated, electric and rampant. But why all the secrecy? Was this really that big? Probably not, after all they were just rumors, right? But what if!! Who are they? What did they want? When did they get here? Where are they from? Why have they come Now? How many are there? So many questions, with a myriad of possibilities! But really!! Who or What is PROWL?  

The CWWE Creative were completely confused at this turn of events! Bethany asked everyone why she was being excluded from the script on this! When told there wasn’t any, she went ballistic! Was her Dad Doing? Was he up to his old tricks, dabbling behind her back? “Dammit!”she bellowed “What is that old man up to this time!” The cellphone chirped to life as her nervous fingers pounded the speed dial keys. The phone was playing the familiar ring tone for WKM's private line at C.W.W.E. AKA Cosmic Wrestlers World Enterprises.

Winston Kenny MacMan grumbled as the phone was disturbing one of his favorite pastimes. He loved checking the Pay Per View ticket sales and counting his money. Wince was a sly fox who had taken the old boxing promotion his grandfather started. Learned the business diligently at his fathers wrestling promotions. He then carved out an empire in his personal style. He did so, ruthlessly and coldly, watching it grow to where it is today.

Wince was a double-dealing, greedy, cold-blooded opportunist and those were his good qualities. He looked at its display, jabbed his index finger on the speaker button and growled  “What do you want Bethany?” “Daddy???” her little girl voice responds automatically to the gruff response. She hated that and he got her again. “What do you know about Prowl? Have you got something going on FATHER?"

There that should unnerve him the smug old b@st@rd she thought! “Prowl??? What the Hell are you on about? What is Prowl???” Came back his retort He hated being the last to know anything and she knew it. And what the devil did she mean calling him FATHER!! That was home speak. Here in the Office, he was Sir, Mr. MacMan, not FATHER or Daddy. 

Bethany at least had been faithful unlike that traitor Blaine who left to pursue his own way. He secretly admired his son, Blaine. Why? Because he had the guts to want to go it on his own. What he, Wince, hated was his turning to MMA. How could he forsake the family business? What would his Grandfather say? Oh yeah probably,“Like father like son!” And “It will come back to haunt you Wince!”

Yes he had broken a few promises. So he bent some rules while stepping on a few toes! So What? He was now the undisputed king of his Pro wrestling Cosmos! The self-proclaimed Impresario of Entertainment! He changed the rules and it was his empire now, he owned it all, so there! Still he pondered silently, Why Blaine? Why?

The Moment passed as her voice again was heard once more! “Well if you didn’t, our Creative didn’t and I don’t know? Who Did?” There was an eerie realness in her question. A cold splash of reality hit him as hard as her words. “What do you mean Bethany?” He barked into the phone, as he lifted its receiver. “What about Gunner? You know, your husband? Maybe he’s trying his hand at something, once again!” 

Bethany remembered him, the Competitor, The Analytical Eliminator, Imperious Rex, Gunner Garth Grisly, 3G! He would have been a likely player except he was in rehabilitation after another shoulder surgery. He is in hiding so he wouldn’t and couldn’t even if he wanted too. “No he’s too incapacitated to be that involved yet, besides he can’t write because of his surgery and the pain.” She replied, “Who then?” both said at the same time! 

Now Winston Kenny MacMan felt something he hadn’t felt in years! There in the pit of his stomach, there that oddly strange queasy feeling! It had been a long time since last he’d experienced such a feeling. No! It Can’t Be That! he thought, it was gone for good. Now there it was. Quite real, sharp and its name was Fear! 

Fear!! He had known it as a boy, growing up with his mother, alone and fatherless. He had experienced it again, when his mothers various lovers spoke to him. Ordering him about. Telling him what to do. The flight or fight urge was growing and he felt the surge of adrenaline hit. Why now? Was there a subliminal suggestion at work? What was happening? Who or what is Prowl?