Your The GM: Your Road To Wrestlemania (Result)

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Your The GM: Your Road To Wrestlemania (Result)

Wow some amazing pieces were created for this competition and if it wasn't for one simply incredible piece it would've been impossible to choose which one to win as they were all very good, but without further ado the winner is.... (drumroll please)

John Cobbcorn with Mutually assured destruction

All I can say is WOW, really this piece took many bleachers breathe away, it was fantastically written and beautifully crafted with twists and turns, shock after shock and a storyline that would make the current WWE and TNA writing staff look ridiculous (if they can look even more ridiculous than already do making the current products). This is up there with the best articles written on this site.

Well done John for your masterpiece. Shameless plug coming up...

I will be doing another competition when I get time off college work, look out for 'Mid-card for life: The best of the second best'.

(Jack Woodbridge)

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