Breaking News: New WWE Feuds To Become Available To a TV Near You

Jackoby CalibanContributor ISeptember 11, 2010

Breaking News: New WWE Feuds To Become Available To a TV Near You

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    With all the veterans of the WWE on the verge of retiring now is the time for new stars to be born, the same crop of former champions will not be seen in title matches and main-events, no this will be the place for the young stars that will have established themselves as the future of the 'E.


    New feuds means excitement, I may get some stick for a including a few wrestlers in these next slides, talking about the next few slides I will going through the future crop that we'll, with no doubt, be saying are 'men of five moves' and 'overrated' in a few years time and talking about what feud can elevate them and the title is the feud I'd like to see when they get there.

Daniel Bryan Vs Kaval

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    The 'Internet Darlings' Daniel Bryan and Kaval, two of the best wrestlers in the world, both should be pushed already but that isn't how things work in the WWE, anyway to the feuds:


    Daniel Bryan - Chris Jericho (if he sticks around)


    Imagine it. It would be one of the best technical matches ever, two of the greatest wrestlers of this generation and a feud that would push Bryan to main-event status instantly. A must have feud for any true wrestling fan and one that is maybe available only for a short period, if at all.


    Kaval - CM Punk


    I couldn't pass this opportunity up. With them being on the same show it is bound to happen, they should make Punk WH champion and have Kaval cash in his NXT winner title shot on him, winning the WH championship is a sure fire way to become a main-eventer, unless your Jack Swagger that is.

Skip Sheffield Vs Mason Ryan

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    The new Batista's Mason Ryan and Skip Sheffield (not the Skip in the picture but the mad psychotic monster he is in the Nexus), here are my feuds to push them:


    Skip Sheffield - Sheamus


    Two of WWE's top current heels would make for an awesome feud, though Skip would have to turn heel for this to happen as I don't see Sheamus as a face. Include the WWE championship then you have a brand new main-eventer.


    Mason Ryan - John Cena


    I would have had Batista in this feud instead of Cena but he is trying to get injured some more by fighting for real. Anyway the story could be that Ryan is Batista's cousin or some kind of relative and that he wants revenge for making his cousin retire, this wouldn't need a title as its with Cena you'll be a top heel just from feuding with him.

Richie Steamboat Vs Evan Bourne Vs Justin Gabriel

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    Three of the top cruiserweights in the WWE and they all need a major push when they get there mic work sorted out, strange how cruiserweights and mic work doesn't seem to go too well together, anyway the feuds to push 'em:


    Justin Gabriel - Wade Barrett - Richie Steamboat


    Kinda obvious but should be a good feud between the big man and the underdog, it could be over Gabriel leaving Nexus and if Wade has the championship it would add more prestige to the feud as Barrett isn't a true main-eventer yet. Richie would be added because of Nexus attacking his dad, Ricky.


    Evan Bourne - Edge


    Fairly straight forward face - heel rivalry carrying on from there mini-feud from a few months ago, Edge is an established main-eventer and so a long feud between the two would establish Bourne as a main-eventer as well.

Honourable Mentions

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    Chris Masters (amazing how he went from facing HBK to jobbing on Superstars) - Triple H


    He has everything to succeed in the WWE but just hasn't for some reason.


    Zack Ryder (needs a new gimmick) - Randy Orton


    New gimmick and a fresh start for a good all-rounder.


    Husky Harris/Alex Riley/Joe Henning - Undertaker/Kane


    Feuding with Kane or Undertaker now is a definite push, again unless you Swagger.