James Madison Kicks Virginia Tech Right In The Hokies

Mike WrightContributor ISeptember 11, 2010

ATLANTA - OCTOBER 17:  Quarterback Tyrod Taylor #5 and Ryan Williams #34 of the Virginia Tech Hokies against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets at Bobby Dodd Stadium on October 17, 2009 in Atlanta, Georgia.  (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Well, well, well... Post-Boise State-defeat, VaTech seems to have hit mid-season form already. Losing to James Madison? Congrats on the big win JM!! I have a great game plan for the rest of the season for VT. Drop your starting squad and go with 100% freshman from here on out. In 4 years, when they're all seniors, maybe you can finally get revenge on James Madison!

I don't know what's worse- Boise State now losing a little credibility for beating an apparently really lame Virginia Tech, or the possibility of Virginia Tech dropping completely out of the Top 25, because of James Madison. I was actually hoping that VaTech would win out the rest of the season after the Broncos beat them. So much for that. I'll be surprised if they win any games this year at this point. Our strength of schedule is looking like we only played an extra WAC team this year.

So after all of the excuses that Hokies had for losing to BSU, what will they have to say for themselves now? Let me guess, James Madison didn't beat you, you beat yourselves again, right? It must be frustrating. Maybe your Steel Curtain of a Defense shouldn't have went easy on the offense in fall practice. You gave them and the rest of Hokie nation a false sense of confidence going into this season.

I'll let you in on a secret. A team needs more than a QB to win. You need a whole team. Seriously... VT should consider finishing out the rest of the season starting 100% freshman. They should be decent again in 4 years.