Hey Dude, Where's The Fireworks: The Lost Art Of Making an Entrance

Jackoby CalibanContributor ISeptember 11, 2010

I remember a time not too long ago making an entrance was important, it was a something necessary to be a wrestler. Would the Undertaker just walked to the ring at a normal pace with no flames and some generic rock music blaring out, would he still be the phenom? No, he would be just another wrestler.


Having an interesting or different entrance was a way of getting wrestler over, giving them a character, it would make the crowd excited over who was about to come out. Entrances such as Undertakers, Stone Colds and even Jericho's old countdown entrance made the crowd cheer or boo madly, now some music starts and it's just another rock/hip hop song with nothing to give it some kind of identity.


When watching WWE from just a few years ago on youtube Rey Mysterio, Chris Jericho, Chris Masters and MVP just name a few had entrances with an identity, not anymore, Rey doesn't jump through a hole in the floor, Chris Masters doesn't have an entrance worthy of a masterpiece, Jericho has lost everything interesting about his entrance (he may be a heel but he could still have a count down as it would as a heel thing where he's so good he has to have a count down) and MVP supposedly had his tunnel taken away because he was bankrupt.


Is there something difficult about creating an entrance with fireworks and/or music to do with there character. The amount of real entrances left don't even reach double figures. Entrances are a dying art, but they are dying for no reason, soon everyone will have an entrance like Daniel Bryan and I know I don't want a world like that.


(Jack Woodbridge)