WWE Needs Y2J: Why Chris Jericho Is Truly The Best In The World at What He Does

Joe KirshenbaumContributor ISeptember 11, 2010

With Chris Jericho's contract expiring after Night of Champions with no deal reached, there are a lot of questions about him leaving. 

This is something WWE cannot let happen, as he is too valuable.  Here are 10 reasons why he is the MVP of the WWE:

1. He's the ultimate total package, putting him on another level of everyone else in the business.  In every facet of the business, be it in ring ability, mic skills, charisma, or anything else, he's one of the best. 

The only guy in the WWE at the moment that comes close to being the performer he is both in and out of the ring is CM Punk. 

This is something that comes along once in a generation, as the only others that come to mind are Randy Savage and Shawn Michaels. 

2. No main eventers in the WWE are as willing to put over the up and comers as he is.  Just recently, he's jobbed cleanly to guys like Evan Bourne, Wade Barrett, and John Morrison. 

He was one of the many held back in WCW by all the aging wrestlers, and knows what it's like to be held back by someone too insecure about their spot.

He also realizes that if you don't build up the up and comers, it destroys the company like it did with WCW.

3.  He's injury free.  Can you think of one time in his career when Jericho missed substantial time due to injury? 

Just look at since he came back in November 2007.  Cena, Triple H, Orton, Edge, Mysterio, Undertaker, and pretty much every other main eventer has been sidelined for an extended period of time. 

No worries about drastic changes to story lines that he's involved in.  Not to mention the added longevity due to lack of major injuries. 

He may be nearly 10 years older than Randy Orton, but he'll be in his prime much longer since unlike Orton, he is not injury prone.

4. He's never gotten involved in heavy usage of recreational drugs, pain killers, or steroids like so many other wrestlers.  Isn't that the kind of guy you want as a poster boy of your company?

5. He's capable of tweaking his character/ re-inventing himself time and time again.  So many guys have gone still doing the same thing over and over again until they're so stale they become so useless. 

Jericho has constantly tweaked his gimmick to remain fresh, and once he ran out things to do as the funny Jericho, he did a 180 back in 2008 and re-invented himself as a serious, bitter character and quickly became the best heel in the business.

6. WWE Films could use a huge boost.  He has excelled in everything he has done, in every facet of the wrestling business, as a writer, musician, TV personality, etc.  As multi-talented as he is, if he started acting more, you would likely add that to the list.

7. Who is a better spokesperson for the company?  The guy is intelligent, witty, charismatic, charming, honest and all the other attributes you want to represent the company. 

There is nobody in the company who can give the company a bigger boost by doing mainstream interviews, especially considering the most common is the robotic John Cena.

8. He could/is willing to do any role.  He'll let himself get embarrassed on national TV and do mid-card work if they already have something going on in the main event.  He never forces himself into the top story lines like so many other top main eventers do.

9. With his many talents, he could use his outside endeavors to give good attention to WWE. 

If WWE let him do a part-time schedule where he did all the TV tapings and Pay Per Views, as well as the occasional house show, and let him spend a lot more time with his band or to focus on other things such as acting or television, let him build a non-wrestling fan base, resulting in a lot of that fan base becoming WWE fans because of him.

10. Nobody "gets it" more than he does.  Read his book, look at the how he puts people over, how he rarely buries others. 

Most of the things he's done, he's come up with on his own.  He knows what works, and what doesn't. 

I'd be willing to bet good money if that you let him run the show, write the story lines, book the matches, say who goes over, that the WWE product would be the best it's been in years, if not ever.