The Good, the Bad, and he Ugly Of The First Halfs Of College Football

Chris VafinisContributor IIISeptember 11, 2010

Brantley is struggling in the Florida offense
Brantley is struggling in the Florida offense

Teams with complete control:

(Nebraska 31 - Idaho 0) - Quarterback Martinez is a master of both the run and the pass.

(Wisconsin 17 - San Jose State 0) - The running game of Wisconsin is definitely for real.


(Georgia Tech 17 - Kansas 14) - Georgia Tech is moving the ball with ease in the triple option but cannot stop the quarterback for Kansas.

(Georgia 3 - South Carolina 14) - Garcia and Marcus Lattimore are owning Georgia's defense.  South Carolina has all that they need to make a run in the SEC East.

(Florida 7 - South Florida 7) - Brantley still has not gotten a grasp on the offense but the defense is keeping them in it with a late pick that set up the touchdown.

Interesting games:

(Duke 35 - Wake Forest 35) - Did not know that either team could put up that many points.