I'm Coming!! : WWE's Top 10 Entrances Today

Karan ChhajtaContributor ISeptember 11, 2010

I'm Coming!! : WWE's Top 10 Entrances Today

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    MVP's Entrance  - I'm Coming
    MVP's Entrance - I'm Coming

    We have all heard and seen " Can you smeeeeeeeeeeeeelll' of the Rock and " I'm just a sexy boy" of HBK. The shattering glass entrance of Stone Cold Steve Austin and the " Woo!" of Ric Flair. These classic entrances are such that WWE die-hard fans can never be tired of watching them on their collected DVDs or memories as their favourite Superstars of the previous era entered their ring.

    This slideshow is a compilation of the 10 best entrances of WWE Superstars who still wrestle today.

    There are various criteria involved in deciding what is a GOOD entrance-

    1) Charisma- The Superstar need not be a babyface for this. A solid, confident walk within the character will do.

    2) The Song itself- Should suit the Superstar and he should make it his own with his expressions.

    3) Crowd response- For a heel, an instant groan or 'Boo' and for a face, a rapturous ovation.

    So here we go, the 10 best entrances in the WWE today. ROLL THE FOOTAGE ;)

10. Drew McIntyre

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    This relatively new Superstar is a captivating heel with a perfect theme to suit him( Shaman's Harvest- Broken Dreams) The song in itself is chilling, yet a total heel-ish song and along with one of the most unique and innovative titantrons in the WWE today, Drew's entrance is as good as it gets for a heel. A slow, intimidating walk into the ring, McIntyre plays along to perfection. An instant groan and a LOUD BOO greets the Sinister Scotsman as soon as he enters cementing his role as a loathed heel.

    This man and his theme will go a long way in the WWE in the years to come!


9. Ted DiBiase

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    His entrance usually used to be with former 'Legacy' partner Dusty Rhodes son, Cody. The song, ' Its A New Day' totally suited Legacy, showing themselves, along with mentor Randy Orton as the new generation of Superstars, carrying forward the LEGACY of their fathers. And ever since DiBiase went solo, after Cody's draft to the blue brand, there seems to be more swagger in his entrance. Even more so as he now not only has the 'Million Dollar Championship' belt around his waist but also the gorgeous 'French-Canadian' Maryse at his arm. A 2nd generation Superstar with a well suited entrance!

8. Rey Mysterio

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    Booyaka Booyaka! 619!! This man's a phenomenon! A crowd favourite on Smackdown, he gets an instant roar from his die-hard fans as soon as his energetic entrance theme hits! This masked Superstar has only grown in popularity and recently held the WHC title, until of course Kane cashed in. A great entrance, Mysterio's energy gives the crowd and anyone watching that extra little bit of adrenaline! He has been around quite a while now but he gets the same reception everytime! The song is already his own with his name and his finisher's name in the lyrics. Rey Mysterio is now as synonymous with his theme as a WWE Superstar can be!

7. Christian

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    Christian, Captain Charisma, Man of his Peep's has a very good song as his track. He has always appealed to the crowd and ever since his return, has been a sensation! Lack of a decent title push has always frustrated his die-hard fans, but every time this man enters the arena, the crowd shows their support! He has unlimited energy and I personally believe that he has all the ingredients in him (including his entrance) and deserves a MUCH BIGGER push. I'm talking Main Event here. A crowd favourite whi will continue to charm his peeps!

6. Kane

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    The Big Red Monster has a chilling entrance yet one with powerful intentions! The music seems right out of a horror movies starting credits. And it looks amazing how everything just goes RED. Flames, lights, even his titantron is all red. He usually doesn't enter the ring slowly, walks in fast, means business. His raising and falling of the hands, and the fire from the turnbuckles is one of a kind! This man has an entrance fit to his character and he does it justice with his walk and expression! Few entrances bring a chill to the spine the way the current World Heavyweight Champion's theme does. You know he was made for this theme as soon as Kane enters with his diabolical and twisted expression, charging toward the ring with cruel, purposeful strides....

5. Triple H

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    Oh yeah, its Time To Play The GAME! Triple H's entrance is a strong one. His unique style of entering with a water bottle, walking in with cruel intent and a murderous look,and sprewing all the water out of his mouth as he gets to the ring are all unique. The King of Kings gets a huge reaction from the people in the arena and his opponents are often shown as literally trembling as he enters. A great entrance, fit for a KING.Thing we all are asking is...........when is the next time his music will hit on RAW? We can only wait for his return!

4. John Cena

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    Your time is up my time is now....you can't see me...my time is NOW!

    A hip hop-ish entrance for the former rapper gimmick Superstar. Whether we like it or hate it, John Cena is quite possibly the most popular in the WWE today. Needless to say, his entrance music gets drowned in the cheers from the crowd! Some of us probably are tired of it....but thats because we are tired of Cena as SuperFace. I am not gonna take anything away from this man and his charismatic entrance that oozes confidence! Cena's trademark salute and his energy is commendable. WWE script writers wanted him to be a huge face, and the crowd reaction says it every Monday that Cena has succeeded. His entrance at Wrestlemania 25 was a good concept(see picture).

3. Edge

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    You Think You Know Me
    You Think You Know Me

    On this day, I see clearly, that  Edge's theme has bagged 3rd spot on my list! ! The Ultimate Opportunist has an amazing theme and when he enters, the arena is suddenly Rated-R. The biggest ovation I've seen him get was this year when he was drafted to RAW and entered the arena on the WWE DRAFT day. The track is Metalingus from the band Alter Bridge. A very energetic song coupled with an even more energetic Edge makes this entrance worthy of the No.3 spot. Edge's determined walk and sudden dash into the ring after the pyro is captivating. The Rated-R Superstar always has had some part of the crowd cheering for him, even when he is a heel. A pumped up Edge entering the ring has been quite a sight over the yearss!

2. Randy Orton

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    Wrestlemania 26 after beating Legacy.
    Wrestlemania 26 after beating Legacy.

    The Viper has had 4 tracks till today. Initially the Evolution theme, he was then given CM Punk's current theme This Fire Burns for ONE day and then he changed it to Burn In My Light. Ever since the Viper gimmick began, Voices by the band Rev Theory has been his entrance theme and I must say it suits his character as well as any song can suit a Superstar. The demented, cold and calculating expression on Randy's face really gets him into the character. His ultra slow walk to the ring is a taunt to his opponent. And of course, the famous Orton pose, which he resumed on Wrestlemania 26, to a massive pop from the fans makes his one of the best entrances around in the WWE. When Randy Orton enters, fans do really 'Voice' their support! His expression really does make one feel that there are voices in his head and that the man is demented!

1. The Undertaker

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    By far the BEST entrance ever to have graced the WWE. This guaranteed future Hall of Famer's entrance theme 'Funeral March" is the most chilling and often the most awaited in any arena. The dim lighting, the smoke, the fire and then the slow, almost floating walk of the Phenom is a sight that is enough to make any opponent reconsider taking him on. Different variations of his entrance have also been seen, sometimes with a motorbike and at times with a casket, which shows off Undertaker's 'dark powers'. It is an entrance that gets a massive pop initially and then just silence as the on-lookers just can't take their eyes off this awe-inspiring entrance. A truly great entrance for one of the best to ever grace the WWE. Will this Wrestlemania be his last? Time will tell, but for now, as he has always been, Undertaker is at No.1.