Is A Salary Cap An Answer To Lack of Excitement In Football Standings?

Anders EdlingCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2008

I already wrote a comment kind of dealing with this issue but I decided it was worth an article. First of all, if the picture did not give it away I'm a Gunner's fan. The last couple years have been a struggle for the Gunner's to win trophies, but I have never been more proud to be an Arsenal fan. I love how they play the game but more importantly I love the way they are building the team.

First and foremost, hockey is my favorite sport. I love the addition of a salary cap to the NHL. It has dramatically increased the chance for every team to be successful which is great for making the league more exciting.

The one thing that I think has hurt the top football leagues in Europe is the fact that you know every year which teams will be the top three or four teams in the league standings before a minute of football has been played.

I love Arsenal and I love the fact that they are in fact one of those top teams but it seems stupid to me that teams like Fulham or West Ham realistically start the season with the goal to be somewhere in the 5th to 10th place range. While teams in the NHL do not expect to be the best every year they call those years rebuilding years but they are not every year eventually they build to something. However, teams other than Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool really have nothing else to hope for every season than to not get relegated.

In addition, no matter whether a salary cap is enacted or not there must be a cap on the amounts paid for the transfer of a player. It is starting to get disturbing to watch the amounts of money being offered for one player in a game with 11 players on the field. And it is becoming common that these players end up on the bench!

Before the Rossoneri and Red Devil faithful get too upset remember this is just one American's view on improving the beautiful game.