I Will Never Give Up On You Dale Jr

Dottie travisCorrespondent ISeptember 17, 2010

2009 the worse year in any athletes life the torture with only 1 sentimental win i 2008 on fathers day and the now infamous downward spiral 2009 he had no wins~2010 is setting up to be another down year. but he is trying so hard, i never seen anyone drive with such heart and passion. that is why i am devoted to him why i wouldnt ever give up on dale jr. No matter what

for all the bad things that have gone wrong for junior this year, there have been many bright spots. One being his donation of 1 million dollars to the victory junction gang camp. His 2nd being the granting of his 200th wish for the make a wish foundation. he has been known to help the homeless. he plays santa on christmas eve at a homeless shelter. so dont ever tell me Junior isnt worth the fan base he has. He is well worth the fan base he has. the Nation is strong and resiliant even though this season ahs been rough

the main reason for me for all the devotion is what he has done for me, people who know me dont need me to re tell the story but for the newbies i will.

I had been beaten almost to death, my spirit was dead i had just about given up , then my grandmother brought me a magazine in that had this handsome young man on it. His name was Dale earnhardt jr. Iooked at that picture alot held that magazine close to me and i dont know 4 weeks later i was up walking within 6 weeks i was home. I could think of was the words to this one gospel song that elvis preseley sang "SOMETHING HAPPENED AN NOW I KNOW HE TOUCHED ME AND MADE ME WHOLE". I dont know what that man has but junior touched me and made me whole .

that is why i do what i do and you bashers and Non-fans may laugh I say go ahead laugh it up laughing boy or girl. for i know junior is something special and for that i am devoted to junior until the day he hangs up his keys for good. i will be standing right there with him threw the good and the bad and the ups and downs. If he ever needs me i am here.