Paper Warriors: Why Hawaii and Colt Brennan Don't Measure Up

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Paper Warriors: Why Hawaii and Colt Brennan Don't Measure Up
Icon Sports MediaI'm going to be less blunt in saying this than I was previously.

Hawaii and Colt Brennan are good, but they aren't worthy of the National Championship or Heisman Trophy, respectively.


Hawaii fans: Yes, you bulldozed a weak WAC schedule and two FCS teams, and came back to beat a 4-9 Pac-10 team. But that just isn't enough to convince voters that you're one of the top two squads in college football.

Sure, the Warriors crushed the WAC—but then again, so did the rest of the country.

This year, the WAC was 0-3 against the SEC, 1-7 against the Pac-10, and 1-4 against the Big 12. The only conference the WAC had a winning record against was C-USA, going 2-0.

Hawaii should and could have played another BCS team this season...but didn't. As a result, all the Warriors have proven thus far is that they can beat teams that are headed to the likes of the Humanitarian and New Mexico Bowls.

It's always impressive to go undefeated for an entire season, and Hawaii is more than deserving of a shot at a big-name team in a big-name bowl game. But enough with the national championship talk. There's simply not enough on the resume to convince anyone.

And now, a few hours after the Heisman ceremony, Hawaii fans are up in arms again—because Colt Brennan didn't win.

I won't deny that Brennan is an excellent quarterback and a very talented athlete. But is he Heisman worthy?


Three players passed for more yards than Brennan this season. Texas Tech's Graham Harrell out-threw Brennan by over 1,100 yards. Brennan was third in the country in passing touchdowns—also behind Harrell, who led the way with 45.

None of Brennan's statistical superiors were Heisman finalists, or even in the top six. Not that any of them necessarily deserved to win the trophy—but statistics clearly aren't the decisive factor for voters.

So enough. Brennan is a great player, which is why he was invited to New York. But posting huge numbers against Idaho and New Mexico State isn't enough to warrant a Heisman.

In any event, these debates will continue through January. The Sugar Bowl will roll around—and Georgia will probably take care of business, as I think most of the country expects.

In that case, the Warriors will fly back to the Islands with a collective foot in their mouth.

If not, for the second year in a row, all hell will break loose. And I'll eat my words.

I know I'm going to get an overwhelming response from Hawaii fans here, who will more than likely take offense to everything I've said.

I'm more than willing to debate any of the above with anyone—I just ask that you keep it reasonable and be able to back up your position.
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