Which Sport Is Hardest to Master?

Jack MilneContributor IAugust 9, 2008

Some sports seem to be much more difficult to become reasonable at than others. Take for example, snooker.

I believe this ball game must be one of the most time-consuming activities in the world, in order to become competitive at a professional level.

If we expel talent from the equation, and focus only on developing skills and the level of difficulty of what is involved, experience tells me snooker has to be up there.

Individual sports such as tennis and golf also rank highly in my mind, but how many of the top sports men and women of this world are made up of more talent than experience and training.

Is it talent that sets these athletes apart, or just a hell of a lot of effort?

There are people out there who could be the next Tiger Woods, or the next Roger Federer, but simply have never tried and tested that one sport that would naturally apply to them!

I call for all people of the world to put down their pens, swords and spoons, and take up more sports.