Will We Get A Christmas Gift From WWE Or TNA This Year

Michael Null Contributor IAugust 9, 2008

  This December both company's will air they're PPV's on the same night.WWE's Armageddon  and TNA's Turning Point both air on December 14th. Originally WWE had scheduled for the 21st but they decided to move it.

   Last year's Armageddon was a night when we saw Jeff Hardy step up to  a level we expected him to. A night Edge had everyone seen tipples and Orton walked out still champ thanks to JBL. There was also Kenedy vs Michaelsand Rey went one on one withMVP.Finlay stared a giant in the face, and with a little help from Hornswoggle came out the victor.All in all 2007's Armageddon was a decent PPV

   2007's Turing Point was a night of 10,000 tact's, a match that pitted Abyss and Raven aganist  Rellik and Black Regin with Abyss and Raven walking out. In the Feast Or Fired Battle Royal  witch was a match were there were briefcases in the cornor's of the ring and they contained contracts for a title shot however one contained a pink slip. Scott Steiner,Senshi,B.G. James, and Petey Williams all won a case. Gail Kim beat Awesome Kong, and Samoa Joe,Kevin Nash, and Eric Young Put the Angle Alliance in they're places.

   With both company's going head to head on this night my question is who will pull out the guns and fire a shot to start a war? Will Tna who's knockout division has this writer in awe be able to compte with Vince and the rest of the WWE? Or, is this going to be the PPV where  TNA will outshine the WWE? Can TNA compete?

  On, the other side of the ropes you have to wonder did Vince plan this ? or is it a big coincidence that the PPV's are on the same night? In my opion if Vince did this on purpose to belittle TNA, the man likes to compete so that being said he better pull out the guns and I'm talking ever single gun he can find. I mean ok yea it's four months away, but if Vince dosen't come through TNA will win this battle.