Don't Blame Bosh

TheNBAScoopContributor ISeptember 10, 2010

Chris Bosh's Toronto days were numbered
Chris Bosh's Toronto days were numberedNick Laham/Getty Images

I think it's pretty clear at this point if you're not a Heat fan you'd likely use one of the following words to describe the recent free agent transactions that transpired in Miami: Cowardly, Shameful, Despicable. Yes, I can imagine you can insert plenty more adjectives here, but let me give you one piece of advice, don't blame Bosh.

Bosh is entering his 8th campaign this year and will look to build on the career highs he posted last season in both points and rebounding. It hasn't exactly been the illustrious career thus far for Bosh as it has been for many of the other stars around the league, but in my opinion that really isn't his fault. Taken 4th overall in the infamous 2003 NBA draft, Bosh embarked on a franchise that ranked among the worst in the league. Not only did they put up a putrid 24 wins the season before drafting him, but their franchise player (Vince Carter) was in the midst of playing dead in order to force a trade. Couple that with the fact Bosh has endured three head coaching changes and a boat load of bad draft picks during his tenure in Toronto and it's easy to say his time there didn't exactly make other stars envious.

Unlike a lot of other high profile players who've found themselves north of the border, Bosh gave everything he had to this franchise and truly believed he could bring winning basketball to T.O. There was recent speculation by Raptors GM Bryan Colangelo that Bosh "gave up" on the team during the season by "milking" an injury, but that's probably Colangelo just trying to save his own ass. And even if Bosh did play it safe with an injury at seasons end you can't blame him considering the Raps were falling fast  and he pretty much had a limp piece of fettucinni (Bargnani) and an old Turkish dinner (Turkoglu) to work with.

Bosh certainly isn't the perfect franchise player, and he might not even be one at all. His critics will say he has too many holes in his game, namely toughness and defense, but guess who else does too, Pau Gasol. Ya that's right, remember Pau Pau before he was handed to the Lakers? He was captaining the ship in Memphis and there were a number of years where he was surrounded with stronger teammates than Bosh ever had. What did that result in? A number of playoff experiences where they never won a single game. That's right, swept every time. Not only that, but Gasol never posted as good of numbers as Bosh. Now Gasol is renowned as one of the best big men in the game and he certainly receives plenty of praise for his game around the league. But before the Lakers? Next to nothing. So is it really THAT bad that Bosh left Toronto? He tried his best, and I'm confident if management surrounded him with a formidable team he would have been more than willing to stay. Instead, he decided to swallow his pride and join another man's team, but in return he now gets to play under the limelight with a good shot at winning multiple championships. I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

The person that needs to be blamed is LeBron. Bosh and Wade were about to embark on a solid journey together just like Kobe and Gasol have over the last couple years, and there's no shame in that. But LeBron pushed the panic button and decided this was the only way to ensure he gets a ring. He is certainly receiving plenty of flack about it from everyone else so I won't go on about it here, but the bottom line is Charles Barkely was right when he called it a punk move.

Bosh now has to deal with the shift from being the man to being the third option on a stacked team. Sure they will win a lot of games but I truly believe this isn't what Bosh had in mind when he parted ways with his former franchise. We all know winning is important to him, but all through his career, including high school, he has been counted on to shoulder a big load for the team. He will no longer have to do that, and that's something I don't think he will handle well.