Why the NHL needs to quit the south U.S.A. project.

Jacob MowatCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2008

The NHL and Gary Bettman need to get it in there heads that no matter what they think Americans don't watch hockey! So why Gary Bettman and the board of governors declined Jim Balsillie offer to buy the Nashville Predators and move them to Hamilton. A place where over five thousand fans had already put down deposits for season tickets once they were offered I have no clue. So with that now said here is my plan for how to fix the NHL.


         Move the Florida Panthers to Winnipeg Manitoba,the Los Angeles Kings to Regina Saskatchewan,the Anaheim Ducks to Seattle Washington,the Carolina Hurricanes to Cleveland Ohio,the Nashville Predators to Thunder Bay,Ontario and the Atlanta Thrashers to Quebec City Quebec.Then put the Detroit Red Wings in the Eastern Conference.Also re-arrange the divisions and quit with the division winners being guaranteed a top three playoff spot just make the divisions for scheduling purposes only.Finally leave the salary cap at fifty-six million dollars.


        This would make the NHL so much better and then the American fans might actually come out and watch a game or two and begin to follow the sport. With more revenue sharing money coming in plus the one team now in Florida and California;Tampa Bay and San Jose would prosper from less teams in that area clogging up the fan base and only one team there hockey would over take the NBA for third among Americas most popular sport.