Patrick Willis, Move Over—Here Comes David Harris!

Daniel SmithCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2008

Don’t get me wrong, Patrick Willis is a fine linebacker (174 tackles, 4.0 sacks) and will be a mainstay in the National Football League for years to come. But what is with this lack of attention for David Harris?

Every time I talk with friends or football fans about young defense players in this league, I hear names like Cromartie, Merriman, M. Williams—the list goes on and on.

And especially when I talk about young linebackers, I hear PATRICK WILLIS, PATRICK WILLIS! And I say yes, he had a great season, but what about David Harris? And except for the hardcore football fan most people respond with, "Harris who?"

Let us dig a little further into David Harris to show the world what is coming. David Harris is:

1. a linebacker who in his first year had 127 tackles, five sacks, and two forced fumbles

2. a linebacker who had 17 tackles and one in his first start at linebacker

3. a linebacker who only started nine games last year

4. a linebacker who only started nine games and had 127 tackles, five sacks, and two forced fumbles

5. a linebacker who made Jonathan Vilma expendable

6. a linebacker who had more sacks than any rookie linebacker did last year (in nine games starting)

7. a linebacker who, if he'd been given the opportunity last year to start, probably would have won Rookie of the Year

Look out NFL, here comes a pro bowl linebacker for years to come. Go Jets!