NFL Power Rankings: Wives and Girlfriends Edition

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistSeptember 11, 2010

NFL Power Rankings: Wives and Girlfriends Edition

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    It's Friday and the NFL regular season is about to really get underway this weekend.

    Sure we got to wet our beaks a little last night with Minnesota vs the New Orleans, but Sunday we get to grab a couch and vegetate for countless numbers of hours.

    And to commemorate that day here is a countdown of all 32 teams, by way of their beautiful wives and girlfriends.


32. Seattle Seahawks

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    Matt Hasselbeck’s wife Sarah Hasselbeck pictured here. I'm cheering for Matt to have a good year.

31. Cincinnati Bengals

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    Ochocinco is dating quite a few ladies because of his show. But the word is that he has fallen for Evelyn Lozada.

30. Atlanta Falcons

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    Tony Gonzalez reps the team with his lovely wife, October. Cool name.

    Even cooler that she posed nude (with him) for PETA.

29. Miami Dolphins

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    Here is Brian Hartline's girlfriend Linsay. They look like they are up to something.

28. Green Bay Packers

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    Aaron Rodgers was definitely going to supply the WAG, we just didn't know who it would be.

    We hear that it is Lady Antebellum singer, Hillary Scott.

27. San Diego Chargers

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    Quentin Jammer’s wife Alicia Jammer.

    Great smile, Quentin is a lucky man.

26. Jacksonville Jaguars

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    Couldn't find MJD's lady but here is Mrs. David Garrad. Otherwise known as Mary.

25. Buffalo Bills

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    The Bills are being repped by Lee Evans and his wife Miranda. Great looking couple.

24. Carolina Panthers

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    The hardest little guy in football is all smiles when he is with his wife, Angie.

23. Tennessee Titans

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    Okay this young lady's real name is Kamille Leai but she goes by the name Hot Wings because she was on a reality TV show called Real Chance at Love.

    Anyway, word is that she is dating all-world runningback Chris Johnson.

    Hot wings.

22. Houston Texans

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    Matt Schaub did pretty well. This is his wife Laurie.

21. Indianapolis Colts

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    Here is Mrs. Peyton Manning, Ashley. The man has it all.

20. Pittsburgh Steelers

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    This is Troy Polamalu's wife, Theodora. Her hair is almost as beautiful as his. 

19. New York Jets

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    Since Mark Sanchez broke up with Meadow Soprano, we'll go with stability.

    Jason Taylor's wife Katina fits the bill.

18. Arizona Cardinals

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    Now that Matt Leinart is gone, the WAG numbers are low on the internet. Thank goodness for Kerry Rhodes and the lovely Nicole.

17. Cleveland Browns

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    Fortunately Colt McCoy made the team. That was a close one. Without him I couldn't be able to list Rachel Glandorf on the list.

    She is the one on the left.

    Still not sure?

17. Cleveland Browns

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    She's the one on the right, in this picture. The scared looking one. No wait. The other one.

16. Baltimore Ravens

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    Here is one of my favorite fantasy tight ends from a few years back, Todd Heap and his beautiful wife, Ashley.

15. Minnesota Vikings

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    We could always go with Brett's wife, but this time we'll go with Adrian Peterson's girl, Ashley Brown.

14. Washington Redskins

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    Christy Cooley, wife of Chris Cooley is the obvious choice.

13. San Francisco 49ers

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    Alex Smith has snatched a Raiderette. His lady, Elizabeth Barry Smith, is a former be a silver and black cheerleader.

13. San Francisco 49ers Pt. 2

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    Natalie Nunn was on the reality TV show Bad Girls.

    And in true bad girl form, she is said to be cheating on Niners tight end Vernon Davis.

12. Detroit Lions

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    This is Matthew Stafford's girl Kelly Hall.

    And I gotta hand it to him...

12. Detroit Lions

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    He picked a girl that knows how to have fun.

    Not sure where she is or what she is doing here.

11. Denver Broncos

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    We have two representatives for the Broncos, because I couldn't let Tim Tebow beat out poor Brady Quinn again. That would be piling on.

    So here's Tebow's alleged WAG, Janell Wheeler.

    Not sure if he kicked her out or where she's going...

11. Denver Broncos Pt. 2

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    And here is Brady Quinn's supposed lady, none other than the great Alicia Sacramone.

10. St. Louis Rams

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    Next year it will probably be Sam Bradford here, but for now it's James Laurinaitis and his mystery lady.

10. St. Louis Rams Pt. 2

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    This is soccer star Heather Mitts and back up quarterback AJ Feeley's lady.

9. Chicago Bears

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    Jay Cutler is said to be juggling two WAGs, but we will go with Kristin Cavallari.

8. Oakland Raiders

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    The Raiders are definitely in the top ten after coming up with two beauty pageant winners.

    First here, Kyle Boller's wife Carrie Prejean.

8. Oakland Raiders Pt. 2

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    Then with Jason Campbell's lovely lady Mercedes Lindsay.

7. New York Giants

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    Both of these next statements can't be confirmed right now.

    Jason Bell is on the New York Giants and Jason Bell is still dating Nadine Coyle.

7. New York Giants Part 2

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    Eli Manning's wife, Abby helps get the Giants high in the WAG rankings.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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    These Bucs are well represented by Kellen Winslow's significant other, Janelle.

    I would have cropped him out but they make a cute couple.

5. Kansas City Chiefs

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    Whether Thomas Jones wins the starting running back spot or not, he has Meagan Good to come home to.

4. Philadelphia Eagles

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    Hank Baskett is back with the Eagles, so that means Kendra Wilkinson came with him.

    I'm sure Philly fans are ecstatic.

3. New Orleans Saints

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    One of these young ladies is named Khadijah Haqq and is married to Saints defensive end Bobby McCray. I know he was recently cut, but I think they are bringing him back.

    I wonder if he can tell.

3. New Orleans Pt. 2

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    Here is Mayra Veronica, Reggie Bush's current squeeze. And the reason why New Orleans is so high on this list.

3. New Orleans Pt. 3

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    And there is also a rumor that he is "seeing" Amber Rose on the side.

    Reggie stays busy.

2. Dallas Cowboys

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    Tony Romo is slowing putting together a Jeter-esque WAGs list. This is his latest squeeze, Candice Crawford.

2. Dallas Cowboys Pt. 2

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    The first of the quarterback-wide receiver WAG combos.

    Here is Miles Austin with a young lady you might hear from in the future. I think her name is Kim Kardashian.

1. New England Patriots

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    Wes Welker is said to be dating this former Ms. Hooters, Anna Burns. His combo with his quarterback, makes the Patriots the top WAG combo.

1. New England Patriots Pt. 2

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    Mrs. Brady has her white socks on. She is ready for the season.