One Man, One Fantastic Tournament

Jason Landy Contributor ISeptember 10, 2010

Rafael Nadal is pumped to win his first U.S. Open Crown
Rafael Nadal is pumped to win his first U.S. Open CrownJim McIsaac/Getty Images


     New York is a city where the stars come out to shine. One player that is  playing some of his  best tennis at this year's U.S. Open is  Rafael Nadal. He is my pick to win it all, at the year's final grand slam event.

     I like Nadal because the guy just plays every point like its his last. He exerts so much energy into every point, and I have a great admiration and respect for his game. He plays with a great flair and enthusiasm on the court and seems to be genuinely enjoying himself on the court, the court is like his haven. Just 24 years of age, Nadal has won every major except for the Open, and hopes to complete his grand slam journey this year.

      We shall see what happens, this is what championship weekend at the U.S. Open is all about, in the greatest city in the world, there is no grander stage.