Jim Bowden, Washington Nats GM, Being Pushed Out the Door?

Landis MarksSenior Analyst IAugust 9, 2008

Jim Bowden may be on the way out. His tenure as nationals GM has been filled with embarrassing moments off the field. The famous bitch-slapping incident with his girlfriend. Guess which one of the two ended up being the bitch? The poor deals made for Kearns, the dearly departed , Felipe “Flop” Lopez and Paul “How Low Can You Go” LoDuca. The outrageous $10 million dollar contract given to Dmitri “Hot Plate” Young, the pickups of the underperforming Elijah Dukes, Lasting Milledge, Willy Mo Pena etc., etc.I could go on and on about how I hated him from the start. Bowden is a swarmy publicity hound with a big ego.

He should have  been an agent and maybe the investigation that MLB is conducting over deals made with scouts in the Dominican Republic will show that he doing a bit of that too, but his main problem was that he did not know what he did not know. He was too beholden to his past with the Cincinnati Reds, making deals for old players that made no sense. Paying big money to players who were unproven is death to a team on a tight, miserly budget like the Lerner franchise.

If the report in the Rocky Mountain News proves to be true it is just a matter of time before he is given the boot.

If so JimBo will not be missed.

No I am not being charitable.

Anyone know how to fire the owners? It is DC, can we begin impeachment proceedings?