Matt Hardy and Paul London Shoot on Each Other, JR Blogs On Jericho, and More!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 16, 2010

WWE tightens drug ban

In an attempt to clean up their image further, the WWE has banned the drug Carisprodol (also known as somas). WWE Superstars are now not allowed to use them even with a prescription from a doctor. Somas have been a big drug in pro wrestling for as long as I have watched it.

 They are used used to relax muscles, but sometimes result in people passing out in public after taking too many. While there haven’t been to many issues with it compared to the other drugs wrestlers use. Wrestler Louie Spicolli did die in 1998 from overdosing on somas & wine.


Jr blogs on current stars

Jr has been a busy guy on his blog page lately. He has recently commented on hot topics such as wrestling unions, and things of that nature. This time he talked about some of the current stars, and the goods that they bring to the table.


On Chris Jericho

 “Chris Jericho had a helluva night on Raw and is one of the WWE's true MVP's. His promo and interaction with the 'GM' was money. Jericho takes a back seat to no one in WWE as it relates to all around skills. We often forget he's a 20 year vet. Not many of them around that are still as productive as the Fozzy front man.”


On Miz vs. Daniel Bryan

 “Miz vs. Daniel Bryan for the United States Title Sunday in Chicago on PPV might steal the show. I hope that they have time to tell a compelling story. Think of how significant an opportunity this is for Bryan....a one on one bout for a title at a major PPV.”


On Tyson Kidd

 “Tyson Kidd showed some flashes of specialness Monday night on Raw. Remember the match several months ago with Kidd vs. Rey Mysterio? With the right opponent and a personal issue in tact, Tyson Kidd can be a 'player' unless I'm dead wrong.”


On Building Stars

 Did we peek into WWE's future just a bit when John Morrison competed with Sheamus Monday night? Morrison is so damn athletic and when he adds more visible toughness to his presentation he will be one step closer to where he wants to be. Sheamus is already physical and tougher than a $2 steak but the WWE Champion's best days are a head of him. WWE is building a viable, young talent roster and some might even say that WWE is in somewhat of a transition period. The best days for most of their young guys lies ahead and the next 18-24 months should be most interesting. I'm already thinking who might headline the top bouts at WM28.

To check out his blog click here


The never ending saga

As most know by now there is a lot of talk going on with Matt Hardy. While most of it has been in regards to whether he will stay with the WWE. It has now spilled over in interviews with others. Recently Paul London did a long interview and Matt Hardys name came up.

Judging by the comments he made; I will take it that he isn’t a big fan. He would go on to dig into Hardy very harshly.


Here is what London had to say

"Matt Hardy, he's definitely one of those guys who's very phony to his fanbase. I think he tells them what he thinks they want to hear so they continue to kiss his ass. But he's very much one of those guys who won't even take his sunglasses off to talk to somebody, like if he ran into a fan at an airport or something like that. It's disgusting. When the camera's on you and people are watching, of course they're going to be fan friendly and 'I love my fans! Hey!' and all that stuff. But when it gets down to it, they couldn't be nastier about their fans and talk nastier about their fans. And it's not just that goof, but most of those guys."

It doesn’t end with that though. Following London’s comments Matt Hardy would go on Twitter once again with words of his own. While I may not agree with London 100%, he does bring up some interesting points. I think both are acting like children and should grow up.

 Here is what Matt Said in his response to London.

"I kinda feel sorry for the guy, he's a mess."

"He's not important or significant enough to me to even dignify his absurd, delusional comments."

"I'm excited 4 the change that lies ahead, so are my mind & body. Regardless of what is written about me, thx 4 keeping my name out there ;)"

"I'm off to the gym, it's time for me to be me. I say thanks to everyone who are my true, supportive friends & fans, I love ya! Adios amigos!"

You can check out Matts Twitter here


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