WWE: Top 10 Finishers Of WWE Superstars Today

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WWE: Top 10 Finishers Of WWE Superstars Today

Bret Hart's Sharpshooter, Steve Austin's Stunner, The Rock's People's Elbow, Undertaker's Tombstone, Goldberg's Spear...and of course the Game Triple H's Pedigree.

These have been some of the most deadly(looking) finishers in the WWE during the Attitude Era.

Now, the finishers listed in my slideshow are of the relative newcomers to the WWE. The modern day finishers of wrestlers today. There are various factors I took into consideration while selecting the finishers.

1) Effectiveness: Gets an almost instant pinfall. Looks painful or not.

2) Popularity: Crowd chants. Does it make the crowd waiting for it all throughout the match(in case of the Superstar being a face) or gives a "OMG" reaction(when done by a heel to a face)?

3) Speed: Should be able to be executed quite fast without much of setting up like in moves like Killswitch.

4) Object Compatibility: Can it be used with/on objects.

The slideshow consists of today's most effective and crowd favourite finishers in the WWE. This list has been made regardless of the Superstar being a heel/face. Comments and Opinion are, as always, welcome.

Thank You.

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