Caroline Wozniacki: Is She Hotter Than Her Idol Anna Kournikova?

RM HeroldFeatured ColumnistSeptember 10, 2010

Caroline Wozniacki: Is She Hotter Than Her Idol Anna Kournikova?

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    Is Caroline Wozniacki hotter than Anna Kournikova?


    Short answer: No. Long answer: No.

    But the girl can dream and if you listen to the soundbites she has been dropping lately, personality-wise she might be closer to Kournikova in style if not substance.

    Wozniacki is ranked no. 2 in the WTA World Rankings and is poised to win her first grand slam as she has just advanced to the semifinals for a match Friday versus Vera Zvonareva.

    Her last two victories came against Dominika Cibulkova (6-2, 7-5) and Maria Sharapova (6-3, 6-4), who knows something about looking good.

    Here's what the possible future number one player in the world has been saying.

The Looks Question

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    If you remember, when Sharapova was ascending, she would avoid the "looks" questions and comparisons to Anna Kournikova like the plague.

    Not Caroline. When asked if she worries about her looks she said:

    “For me it’s important to feel good on court and of course to look good"... "Then I can focus on my tennis at 100 percent.”

    You know the old saying: look good, feel good. Feel good, play good.

The Outfit

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    When Wozniacki was asked about this outfit and whether it was too short, she replied:

    “I think it’s nice,”  and also that she might “get a lot of male fans now”.

    I'm liking what I am hearing now.

Anna Kournikova Question

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    As far as the Anna question goes, Wozniacki said: "Well, to be honest, Kournikova was always for me the girl that I thought was just ... I wanted to be like her, definitely,"

    What's not to like about this girl?

    And by the way...

She Cleans Up Well

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    This is CW hitting the town. Not bad, right?

    I don't mind her aspiring to AK off the court as long as she handles hers on the court.

    By the way, just in case you forgot who Anna Kournikova is...

The Legend

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    Even though she's been away from the game, her name still comes up.

    And interestingly enough she still must play...

Interesting Tennis Attire

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    I mean her game must still be pretty good if she can play in this outfit.

    When Wozniacki was asked who her favorite Russian hot player was, she said: "I thought (Anna) was very pretty; she was handling everything really nicely. You saw her everywhere in the commercials. I think I would more go for Kournikova."



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    I'm sure Anna is happy to help future potential hot young ladies.

H.M.P. Inc.

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    Kournikova would probably be more than happy to team up with the USTA and open some sort of Hottie Mentoring Program to help the players fully take advantage of their, umm, abilities.

Future Endorsements

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    I think if Wozniacki can string together some Grand Slam Championships, she'll get her share of endorsements.

    But the question is...

Will She Catch...

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    Will she be a top echelon hottie like Maria Sharapova?

    This is just in some jogging pants, after a workout.

    Then she has to clean up like this...

All Dolled Up

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    Until Wozniacki can get to this level, she can't even think about going...

Going For The Title

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    It's a long and steady climb to get to this level.

To The Top Of The Mountain

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    But like they say, you have to have goals.

AK Is Still Out There

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    It's good to know Anna is still around,  inspiring the next generation of tennis players.

    We missed her.


    Where are you going?!

Back To Forest Of Hotness

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    Come back!

    Damn it...