NFL Fantasy Football 2010 Week 1 Players I Love/Hate

paul fergusonCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2010

Jacoby Jones is a week 1 player I love.
Jacoby Jones is a week 1 player I love.Bob Levey/Getty Images

The NFL Season kicks off on Sunday, and with one game already played, most teams still have not set the majority of their rosters for week one and are still having trouble making decisions on their rosters. I play in two fantasy football leagues and am still in the process of making decisions on positions in my own rosters. So, to help you out, here is a list of players I love/hate for week one.


C.J. Spiller (Buffalo Bills)- C.J. Spiller has had an explosive preseason in 2009. Now, I know what your thinking, the Bills have a crowded backfield with Marshawn Lynch and Fred Jackson. They, however, are both nursing injuries and will be minimally effective if any. Also, Spiller is listed as No. 1 on the depth chart in kick returns so there is another way he can get you points. With no real quarterback, the Bills will look to Spiller to carry the load in week one, which he will do. Look for Spiller to rush for at least 100 yards and a touchdown, as well as catch a few passes out of the backfield.

Jacoby Jones (Houston Texans)- Now I know the Texans have Andre Johnson, leader in Receiving yards in the past two years, and Owen Daniels the Pro Bowl tight end, but look for Jacoby Jones to make a big splash in week one. More than likely, Johnson will be double covered on every play, and a lot of attention will be payed to Owen Daniels, leaving room for Jones to get open and make plays.  Jones is a solid play at WR2 or the flex position this week, especially with the number of points that will be put on the board in a Colts/Texans game. Look for Jones to have at least five catches, 75 yards receiving and a touchdown.

Vince Young (Tennessee Titans)- I am going very much out on a limb with this one, but there is just something about Vince Young that entices me. The Defense will be more concerned with shutting down Chris Johnson and less concerned about Young getting outside of the pocket, and making stuff happen with his feet and arm. I expect good things from Vince this week, when the defense will not be focused on him and he will have the opportunity to make plays. Look for Young to have 220 yards passing with three touchdowns and at least 50 yards rushing.


Larry Fitzgerald (Arizona Cardinals)- Yes, Fitzgerald is a must start at Wide Receiver, and you are probably stupid if you do not start, but I just do not like him this week or for the rest of the year for that matter. My advice is to trade Fitzgerald now while his value is high, because his numbers will almost certainly see a drop this season. I am not high on Fitzgerald this season, so bail on him now, when you can still get some real value out of him.  Look for Fitzgerald to only record three receptions for less than 40 yards and no touchdowns.

LeSean McCoy (Philadelphia Eagles)-  McCoy is finally the starter now that Brian Westbrook is out of the way. The problem is the Eagles are a pass first/pass always/never run the ball team. The Eagles will also run the football by committee and this spells trouble. The Eagles will pass the ball...a lot. Yes, McCoy will make some receptions out of the backfield but not enough to make a difference. Stay Away from McCoy this week. Look for him to have less than 50 rushing yards.

That is it for this week, look every week for my Fantasy players that I love/hate.

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