Miles Austin Contract: Better Catch for Kim Kardashian Than Reggie Bush?

RM Herold@@BR_RollinFeatured ColumnistSeptember 10, 2010

Miles Austin Contract: Better Catch for Kim Kardashian Than Reggie Bush?

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    Miles Austin is in the news for signing a new contract extension.

    Jerry Jones made sure it was a memorable press conference by sealing the deal with:

    "I've never felt like, when we have made this kind of a commitment to any individual, that we've ever been better prepared or better informed about what he is as a player and person,"

    Umm, okay. Considering that Austin had a total of 18 catches in the three years prior to his breakout season of last year, that seems like a strange statement.

    But I guess what Jerry means is that he hopes Austin is better than Mr. Owens and Mr. Roy E. Williams have been for the 'Boys in the locker room and on the field.

    But what about the other person who plays in this equation? How does this affect Austin's possible, future better half?

    Let's investigate.

Austin's Contract

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    Yeah, the numbers would make anyone sweat.

    Sources told ESPN Dallas that the numbers look like this:

    Austin signed a one-year $3.168 million contract in June. Now since this extension is worth $54 million, the total value of the contract goes to $57 million.

The Best Part

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    As far as for our comparison theory, reports are that between $18 and $20 million of it is guaranteed.

    That's what is important, because as has been proven, you can sign a trillion dollar deal in the NFL and be broke if none of it is guaranteed and you get cut.

    Ask Ricky Williams about his New Orleans contract.

Bush's Contract

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    Right after he was the second pick in the 2006 draft, Bush signed a six-year contract with a maximum value of around $52 million.

    Bush's salary jumped from $2.585M in 2009 to $8M in 2010. This is key because this is right when they broke up the first time, mid-2009, and then for good in spring 2010.

    So in essence, other than his signing bonus, Kim left before the big money kicked in. Not the wisest of moves.

The Wise Prophet, Mr. West

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    In the words of the sage Kanye West, I ain't saying she's a gold digger, but she doesn't mess around with broke (folks)!

    Kim was smart enough to catch Austin as he ascended but right before the contracts were inked, meaning she was there when he was relatively broke.

Technically the Smartest Move...

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    Interestingly enough, Bush's contract jumps to $11.8M in 2011, the final year of the contract. No telling if the Saints are going to keep him and pay that amount of money.

    But if they do, the wise move might be to try one last time to see if it works out with Reggie. And if the Saints cut him, then she'll know it wasn't meant to be.

Hold on One Second

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    I'm not at all saying that the Kardashian brand doesn't generate its own money. That would be foolish. These girls are everywhere hawking everything.

    I'm just talking about the future nest egg.

    Speaking of which, does Odom have a pre-nup?

Wrapping Things Up

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    I would say that if Kim is in it for the long haul and Austin continues to put up big numbers, he is the much better catch for the Kardashian movement.

Unless Of Course...

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    Reggie can use his awful summer as motivation, put up crazy numbers, and earn a huge new contract.

    Then we would have to revisit everything.

But Then...

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    I'd have to find a bunch of new pictures to make my points.

And That...

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    is extremely difficult, considering how camera shy Ms. Kardashian is.