Washington Redskins: How I Lost My Faith Again

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Washington Redskins: How I Lost My Faith Again
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Since the 80's I have been a Redskin fan - I loved the Hoggs, Joe Theismann, John Riggins, Art Monk, Charlie Brown and my all time favorite Darell Green.

To make it short - the Redskin franchise showed us that money can't buy you succes, through a decade of more downs than ups.

Enter Mike Shanahan ...

So I'm thinking this is going to be really great. Shanahan has had a year preparing, he knows the team needs youth and reinforcement - he must have scouted every single player in the country.


I´m thinking - we need draft picks to rebuild the team.


So we give away Campbell for free (practically) and don't do anything to get more draft picks.

I know Big Albert has turned in to a nightmare - but seriously instead of turning this into a personal battle, Shanahan and the Franchise should have cut their losses and made the most of it. As it is - they have spent the money and they will get nothing in return - that is except for nothing but trouble.

The Draft:

Oh I know we supposedly got a great left tackle, but why couldn't we trade down.


With the season about to start:

With so few picks Shanahan really had to make the most of the draft picks he had.

As it turns out Washington ends up signing 2 of 6 draft picks + 2 undrafted free agents ending up being the team with the worst hit rate in the 2010 draft.


What did Shanahan do with his time off ??? I know they mostly had picks from the bottom of the pile, but considering the needs how could Shanahan blow it this bad ?

How I lost my faith - again:

In my mind Shanahan has done exactly what the Redskins franchise didn't need. He put all his faith in one player - Donovan McNabb. This team is one serious injury away from total disaster.

Shanahan has filled the rooster with older, injury prone, mediocre players leaving little space for bringing in some much needed youth.

I think Shanahan must have done this because he thought this was the fastest way to success - but unless he hits a playoff spot - the moves in my mind were mostly useless in moving towards a better future.

Please prove me wrong:

I really hope that Shanahan proves me wrong - and that he has assembled his own "dirty dozen" of players others had counted out.

Then maybe I will become a believer again. ....

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