Hey Mack How About Playing a Varsity Schedule Someday

Mr BlutarskiContributor ISeptember 10, 2010

AUSTIN, TX - OCTOBER 27: Head coach Mack Brown of the Texas Longhorns watches the action with Colt McCoy #12 during the game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium October 27, 2007 in Austin, Texas. (Photo by Brian Bahr/Getty Images)
Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Colt McCoy officially took over the reigns of the Longhorn football team in 2006. Second game of the season the horns were summarily crushed by Ohio State 24-7....lesson learned. Since then Mack Brown and Deloss Dodds have scheduled "walk through" non-conference opponents------Rice, Wyoming, Central Florida, UTEP, Arkansas State, Louisiana Lafayette to name a few. The horns have not played a credible opponent outside of their conference since 2006. Monday night I watched (3)Boise State travel to (10) Virginia Tech.Two highly ranked teams unafraid to put their rankings on the line. A national TV audience, 80,000 rocking fans, an electric atmosphere, this is real college football. Last Saturday UT stampeded a mediocre Rice team, 34-17, yawn. This Saturday, Alabama plays in Paterno country, Miami travels to Ohio State to meet Terrell Pryor, Florida State is in Norman, the Ducks invade Neyland stadium. These should be great games with great teams willing to forego the ratings and give us thrilling BCS football games. Meanwhile Mack Brown and his longhorns get ready to welcome the mighty Wyoming cowboys to Austin,,,,and my point is? That is my point, Wyoming, duh. The rest of the non-conference schedule has the horns locking up with Florida Atlantic and UCLA. Don't come back at me with any UCLA arguments. UCLA is terrible. They have not had a team since Cade McKnown left. Is Mack so afraid of losing his ratings with any early season loss that he purposely schedules these caliber of teams? Maybe, maybe not. Let me propose a possibility.

Way back in 2004, Mack probably knew Vince was leaving early and Colt was leaving Tuscola Jim Nedd and setting up shop in Austin. He also knew Vince would be playing on Sundays and Colt would not. He could not do anything about the Ohio State home and home agreement. The conference schedules are made many years in advance, however non-conference schedules can be made every 2-4 years. Knowing this maybe Mack set up these schedules for Colt's Heisman contention and a chance at winning a national championship..... perhaps winning both. If this was the case, I cant come down to hard on him. Colt is not going to be a starting NFL quarterback. He is not going to win the Lombardi trophy someday. What he is, is a quality kid that had a great college career and Mack wanted to make sure he got the most out of it. While Mack is not a great college football coach, he is a great kid coach. But this still does not explain the current schedule.

Lets face it, big time college football is about rankings, money and recruiting. UT has all of these. They will continue to have all of these by playing weak non-conference opponents. The Big 12 is not that tough of a conference. It pales in comparison to the SEC. Remember this summer when all of this talk was going around that UT might be going to the PAC 10. The PAC 10 is about the same as the Big 12. Outside of Oregon and USC, the rest are pretty much bottom feeders. It will be of interest to me if the Big 12 falls apart. Come on Mack, join the SEC. I guarantee Mack wants no part of the SEC. By joining the SEC, he can continue to play "walk through" non-conference opponents. The real fireworks begin when he has to play LSU, Georgia, Bama, Florida, Tennessee and an old rival, Arkansas. So maybe it is a ratings issue. I heard something about strength of schedule the other day. If UT goes unbeaten this year, based on strength of schedule, they don't deserve to play in the BCS championship. They did not deserve to play in it last year. Last week I watched as Mack Brown proudly announced a home and home with USC in 2017. By that time he wont be there, and Chase McCoy would have graduated.