New York Mets: Player Profiles

Fellowes RoddCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2008

The New York Mets have put up one hell of a fight in the NL East this year and they are still in it. However, I am not going to write about their chances, or make a prediction or anything like that. I will though be giving you an insight into each player in their starting lineup and their key pitchers.

Brian Schneider/Ramon Castro:

These two backstops have both provided apt defense and have also been able to provide on offense. Schneider has come up with some timely clutch hits, and when Castro has been healthy he has provided some power and has also had a flare for the dramatic. Both of these catchers, while not long term solutions, they have been just the right combination of chewing gum and paperclips to help keep this team on both two feet. Might I add that both can also call a pretty good Game.

Carlos Delgado:

The deal that brought Carlos Delgado to New York for Mike Jacobs and Yusmeiro Petit has so far worked out in New York's favor. Carlos, while only batting around .260 in these two and a half years, he has put up adequate numbers in the power department and has stayed healthy which is more that alot of this years Mets have been able to say. Also, he has recently erupted into a power machine and currently has 23 homeruns. Carlos has also been more vocal in the clubhouse and with reporters than others and has set an example for leadership.

Second Baseman:

There have been a multitude of second baseman that have gone through Shea Stadium this year. Luis Castillo has been injured and was relatively innaffective when he wasn't injured. Damion Easley has provided a nice veteran presence in the clubhouse, and has put up strong numbers, and has been an adequate fielder, but he is getting on in years and has not been able to play everyday. The young Argenis Reyes has shown promise, but it has always been my opinion that he needs more seasoning down in AAA. It will be interesting to see who, if anyone steps up as a force at second base

Jose Reyes:

Jose has been a consistent contributor as well as being a vibrant player that the Mets can rally around. He is always smiling, and is able to get a pitcher off guard simply by being on first base. He is invaluable to this team and has developed into one of this teams young leaders.

David Wright:

David has been Mr. Clutch for the Mets. He is capable of rocketing baseballs into the seats once the ninth inning roles around, and has been a solid player this year. While he still makes mental mistakes that have cost the Mets as of late, he always seems to atone for his sins with above average fielding, and strong hitting. He and Jose Reyes are on of the best left sides of the infield in all of baseball.



Carlos Beltran came to the Mets to not only put up numbers, but to help lead this team to a World Series. Since 2005 Beltran has batted right around .270 and has hit over 100 home runs, and has been a nice offensive player for them. Despite keeping the first part of the bargain, he has come up way short on the seconds part. He has slumped consistently throughout his years in New York. He has not just been quiet, he has been mute. He rarely talks to reporters, and has not been a vocal leader in the clubhouse. One would be hard-pressed to say that he is leading by example because he just seems to not care. While he has put up decent numbers, one can't not consider him a paycheck to paycheck player. He seemingly does not act like he has a vested interest in whether they win or lose. It would be nice to see this guy have some fire in him, to go out and not just make the flashy play or hit a couple home runs. Mets fans need to see this guy swipe a base or start  talking, sitting on his haunches is not going to help this team make the playoffs, let alone win a world series.

Fernando Tatis:

Tatis has been a diamond in the rough for this team. He is by far the biggest surprise for the Mets this year. It seems that he is regularly coming up with RBI's at any given time. This guy is all heart, he is playing because he loves it, he came back to baseball so he could help build a church, and God is now on his side. He is putting up tremendous numbers in the short time he's been playing everday, and is a pleasure to watch.

The Rooks:

The Mets have had a flood of rookies playing the outfield this year. Nick Evans, and Daniel Murphy have been very useful players coming off the bench and starting occasionally, and as of late Murphy has become a pretty reliable player. These yunnan's are coming up with big plays and big at bats and look to be main stays for years to come.

Johan Santana:

While his numbers don't indicate the kind of year he has had, anyone who watches this team consistently knows he has been worth almost every penny. He has provided consistent quality starts only to see them squandered by a poor bullpen. He has had six wins blown by the pen. Hopefully the rest of the year his quality will be reflected in the numbers.

Oliver Perez:

Ever since Dan Warthen became the new Pitching Coach, Oliver has shaved two points of his ERA, and has started to look like the lefty that used to knock them dead in Pittsburgh. The only question now is, can he keep it up?

Mike Pelfrey:

Another guy who has started to show the makings of an ace since the managerial change during interleauge play. He has been the kind or guy who can go sever or eight innings and give the bullpen a day off.

Aaron Heilman:

For some reason this guy has been given the support of GM Omar Minaya. He has blown more key games than I can count, he is 2 - 6 and his ERA is above 5.00. I don't understand why this guy is with this team. Every time I see this guy i think of the mule from Whinnie the Pooh. He looks like someone told him his dog died every time he comes out to pitch.

Billy Wagner:

This guy has had the guts to stand up and call some guys out on the team, maybe not directly, but we know what he is getting at, and I respect him for it. He is tired of guys like Beltran sitting down and not speaking up, or earlier in the year seeing Perez get hit out of games in the second inning. However, he seems to always blow a save or make a bad pitch after he calls out certain guys. I love the fact that he speaks his mind, but he may find to choose his battles a little bit better.