The Cavs Will Still Make The Playoffs !

Marcus ThompsonContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

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At home lounging with my wife on a Tuesday night and my wife is browsing through our recorded programs on the DVR.  She stumbles upon the reality show “The Bad Girls Club” , a Tuesday favorite for us…hey don’t judge me, this show has lots of drama, chicks constantly fighting plus my wife likes it so get off my back. Anyway unlike past seasons which are held in L.A this year the show is taking place in MIAMI.  As a Cleveland-er and CAVS fan since “After the Jordan ERA”

 (side note)  No one under the age of 25 can honestly say they were not a Jordan fan before they were a fan of their home team.

all I can think of are these now infamous words to all Cleveland fans

                “I’m taking my talents to South Beach”

Man that hurts, though I didn’t take it as personal as some Cleveland natives more than likely because I now live in Columbus, Ohio none the less stinging comments. I didn’t go as far as burning my Lebron Jersey or throwing out my Lebron 7’s, I think I may have wore my kicks the day after the decision in fact.  I don’t have any hard feelings against Lebron just wished he would have left in a better manner, and still believes he is the best in the game today. At the end of the day I am a basketball fanatic and junkie. The Cavs will always be my home team but I’m not mentally ill, anyone who has seen Lebron’s numbers and performance these past 7 years, would say they are better than good maybe even better than great. If you say otherwise you don’t know basketball. Many might say because of this I am not a true “cavs fan”..O well, “bite me” Lebron to me gave 100% these past 7 years maybe with the exception of 1 or 2 games, true his exit show could have been saved. As long as his end decision was going elsewhere I think Clevelanders would have still been just as mad. I do think with his decision however he has taken himself out of the race for G.O.A.T, unless he averages a triple double for the rest of his career and wins at least 5 rings. Something he very well can do I think. BTW Akron is NOT Cleveland trust me, maybe I will do another piece on that later.

Getting back to the point, this is not going to be an “All about Lebron Article” but more so an optimistic one for Cavs fans such as myself. As the front office members in the Cavs organization said the “Lebron ERA is over and we need to move on”…like seriously, major understatement. Not like the front office is doing the best of job of helping with that matter, making very subtle moves so far this off season, acquiring Ramon Sessions, and Ryan Hollins…I actually liked this deal both young guys with a lot of upside, but the Joey Graham signing ehhh, nice game, nice guy but not quite the move I would like to see. I hope they get just a tiny more aggressive approaching the season.

Many would say during the Lebron years that the Cavs won because of Lebron, and lost because of his teammates. I beg to differ yes there were moments where Lebron willed the team to victory like that game 5 playoff game where he scored 29 of the Cavs last 30, but do you know what I remember about that series…Daniel Gibson 45% from three point land 13.5 ppg series average, 21pts in game four and 31 pts and 5-5 form three in the clincher. Without Daniel Gibson there is no finals appearance for the Cavs. So it’s safe to say that Bobbie is a bright point for the Cavs this upcoming year. When Gibson gets to play his

numbers are pretty good and I think can be great without Lebron. Per 36 minutes Boobie averages about 12 ppg 40% from 3 I think that will go up with Byron Scott’s style of offense and the fact that Boobie may have more to his game then what we saw with the Mike Brown “Lebroffense” and can probably lead the Cavs in scoring next year…REAL TALK.

Now the next bright spot for the Cavs next year could be Mo Williams he is the most consistent player in the REGULAR SEASON returning, Averaging about 17 ppg but that drops tremendous in the playoffs to about 5 ppg I think we will see his regular season average stay consistent at about 17 per maybe even 18 with his role now being broaden.  Though the past 2 seasons in the playoffs I was disappointed with Mo’s Performance I really believe this year he will stay consistent throughout the season and put up better number this year in the playoffs. Mo was an all star the year before last and rightfully so. I think Mo will surprise people with his play next year if he plays up to potential.  The Power Forward position shows promise as well especially if you bring Andy of the bench and start Hollins at center instead of having a JJ and Andy frontcourt.  J.J will be among favorites to watch next year at the PF spot, and have about 5 posters and a lot of top ten plays, as long as he stays consistent there is nowhere for him to go but up. We all know what Andy will bring to the table night in and night out with that said I believe the Cavs are just one player short of being a definite lock for a playoff appearance next year. Which I think is a SF, they definitely won’t get a Lebron type but I think a trade for Wilson Chandler from NY would be great, don’t know if Philly is still on the fence about Andre Iguodala but he would be a terrific add. I think even getting a Rudy Fernandez and trying him out at the 3 would do it.

Maybe even just getting younger would help, so Anthony Parker and Jamario Moon trades I think would be fitting, they both are good players but little more purposed for the “Lebroffense” and both are 30 or in their 30’s and are 1 dimensional players. If you had to keep one, I would keep moon.  If the Cavs do what I hope and go small in the backcourt with a Mo and Boobie, as of right now Moon or Jamison at the SF, and a Front court of Hickson and Hollins they should be an exciting team to watch at the least.

 Sleepers on the Cavs team this year I think will be Samardo Samuels, the undrafted rookie who I find a sure steal for the Cavs he should have definitely got picked by someone in the draft. 21 years old (plus) 15pts 7rebs and 1blk (solid) last year and hard working he will make all rookie team next year. Ryan Hollins I think can be an upgrade to Tyson Chandler very exciting to watch long, athletic and durable so far in his career.

Brief Look at the possible top 8 in the EAST:

The top 4 teams: Chicago, Miami, Orlando, Boston

Middle of the pack: Atlanta, Milwaukee

Bottom 2: Charlotte, Cleveland maybe Indiana

I really think you have to put the Cleveland in 7th or 8th seed, Philly is basically rebuilding, NJ is not good, NY will be a whole lot better but I don’t think they make the playoffs. Washington’s success will be largely based on not.. John Wall but, Gilbert and McGee I think, because we all know what John Wall will bring. Detroit..Not good, Toronto now horrible. The Cavs have a more than legitimate chance to be in the mix of things.

If the Cavs do get an 8th or 7th seed in the playoffs, think of what that would mean if the Heat plays to potential a Cavs vs. Heat playoff opening round. How crazy would that be?