Seeing WWE In a Different Light

Matt GuyettContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

John Cena is an amazing superstar!
John Cena is an amazing superstar!

Kids are known for liking the common fan favourite (John Cena), the happy divas (Kelly Kelly). Now we have never really tried to get into their heads and voice their opinions about a certain matter in the WWE. My 8 year old son is a mad WWE fan and I sat down and talked to him and here's what he had to say about things:


John Cena

Cena is like no other superstar. He gets the crowd going just by the sound of his theme music hitting. His awesome ability and energy is just so electrifying and the way he talks on the mic is so inspiring. When he was WWE Champion I didn't like it. Not that he had the title not at all but the fact that Vince and the company were trying to take his title. Sheamus was the main superstar I disliked at the time because he never respected Cena for his ability and would retain the title by cheating. 


Night of Champions

Night of Champions is going to be better than Summerslam that's for sure. At least this time due to Vince being out of the picture we can finally see if Sheamus can retain his title without using something against the rules to his advantage. I don't think Cena will win although I would love him to,l think Randy Orton or Sheamus will win. But once they do win I think The Miz will cash in. I can't stand the Miz. 


I had my friend's round to watch this seeing it was my birthday and I just can't believe how so many amazing things happened could the PPV be so bad. I mean The Undertaker returning was shocking, My friends went crazy. Daniel Bryan being announced as the 7th member was confusing,  I didn't know where he had been anyway. But how could all this be on the worst PPV of the year? I do not know.

Chris Jericho

This dude is so annoying. He thinks he's the best I can't stand him. He walks around with his stupid suit on when its Wrestling that he has to do. He is a coward really and doesn't deserve to be on Raw. I liked him though when he was Y2J. That was amazing facing Orton was incredible. I liked his attire back then. 

Favourite PPV

Well, 2009 had so many good PPV's in my opinon. Summerslam of 2009 was extremely good, Royal Rumble 2010 was awesome and Breaking Point wasn't too bad for a brand new PPV. But my favourite PPV by far is the amazing Bragging Rights. I was going on holiday the next day and was in bed trying to watch it. I'd go as far as saying that Bragging Rights is as good as Wrestlemania's Ive seen. I liked Orton back then he was so scary and I like that about him. Cena vs Orton was spectacular. The Match was just awesome. But something else was just as good and it is what I think really helps build a PPV or a match. That is Promo. The song on this Promo was just incredible. When it came on I felt emotional I don't know why its just one of those songs that you get a strong feeling from. 

Unified Tag Titles/WWE Tag Titles

Don't get me started on the Tag teams here in the WWE. I like Santino Marella I do but he just isn't what I call a real Wrestling talent. Vladimir Kozlov is weird so that Tag team isn't ideal. The Dudebusters, Now I hear Matt Striker go on about how they play Xbox and listen to their Ipod's. Im sure this isn't true, Surely. 



What the hell got into this guy? He was probably my favourite or close favourite superstar in early 2009 and 2010 until Bragging Rights and that is a moment I will never forget. Rey Mysterio is just an amazing superstar his moves are awesome. Him and Batista held the tag titles and were just so happy together. Then just because its a Fatal 4 Way he turns on him. That was stupid and I hated Batista after that. When he left though I was a little sad. I mean I was saying goodbye to One of my favourites and he just went without any real Goodbye. 


The Undertaker's Streak

This guy is scary. He's not my favourite superstar but I like him. I thought his Streak was over at Wrestlemania 25 against HBK. But that wasn't to be. Now If I had to pick my favourite superstar to beat him at Wrestlemania I would pick, Triple H. How can you not like Triple H? He is just the iconic guy in WWE.

The Nexus

They went from Rookies to Main eventer's how? I like Justin Gabriel he is talented really talented. But there is something about Wade Barrett that I actually like. When he speaks you have to listen. His voice is so powerful you are basically made to listen. Sheffield is alright not what I call a real Superstar. I preferred him when He would do his funny sayings. I don't really like Heath Slater he was alright on NXT with Christian but since has been so annoying. I can't stand David Otunga he thinks he's the whole package. Tarver is weird. 


WWE in One

The WWE is amazing. The Entrances, the wrestling, the PPV's and most of all the Superstars Its just an unbelievable thing. I have learned so much from watching Wrestling and I just love its aspect especially the titles and the massive moments. Sometimes I look at Websites about WWE and don't see any thanks from the fans, Vince and the Company, Thank you for giving me and us fans an experience of a lifetime. Thank you WWE.