Game Two Preview: Ohio State vs. Miami

Sean JacksonContributor IIISeptember 9, 2010

We are edging closer to what should be one of the most entertaining games of the week. This game means a lot for both schools. For Miami, this is the opportunity to show they are back. For Ohio State, it is a chance to make a statement and show the country they are one of the top teams. Here are a few things to look for during the game.


Ohio State side:

Can they keep the Canes out of the backfield? Miami had eight sacks last week. Their defensive line is quick and physical. This will be the first test for Ohio State’s offensive line, primarily at the tackle positions. If Miami is able to create pressure at the end positions and keep Terrelle Pryor inside the tackles, it may limit his effectiveness as a runner and make him throw the ball quicker than he wants.


Can the Buckeye’s defense get in the backfield and pressure Jacory Harris? Miami has experience up front and they are going to use that to protect Harris. Miami also has good receivers with size. In fact, this may be the best group of receivers Ohio State faces all season. If Harris has time to throw, he could pick Ohio State’s secondary apart. If the Buckeyes can pressure Harris, it could cause him to throw the ball quicker and make mistakes.


I do not mean to beat a dead horse but watch Ohio State’s kickoff coverage. Miami has athletes that can make plays. If the Buckeyes have holes in coverage, it will not result in a long run; it will result in a touchdown. In a game like this, that could be the difference.


Miami Side:

The Canes need to establish a run game. As talented as Harris is, they will make it easy for the Buckeyes if they try to air it out all game. Running against Ohio State is not impossible and with their veteran line, they may have a chance. If they are able to make plays in the ground game, it should open the pass more. Expect them to use Harris in some running situations as a way to keep Ohio State on its toes.


On defense, they need to come out and dictate with attitude. Their speed and athleticism will be a challenge for Ohio State’s offensive line. If they are able to contain the Buckeyes’ run game and put pressure on Pryor, they may throw the offense off rhythm.


The deciding factor:

The difference in this game will be Ohio State’s attitude. Everyone is talking about Miami’s swagger. The Buckeyes have a confidence of their own and they will use this to dictate the game.



This should be the game of the week. The amount of athletes on both rosters is incredible. The game will remain close in score but as you watch, you will notice one big difference. Ohio State is just as fast as Miami yet they are stronger up front. In the end, this will be the deciding factor.

Ohio State 31 Miami 21