2010 Fantasy Football Post Draft Analysis: The Season Begins

UW Dawgfan Huskies@1UWDawgfanCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2010

The draft has come and gone and now is the time to adjust your rosters and scan the waiver wire for those overlooked sleepers.  My draft went fairly well and I even managed a couple of steals later in the draft.  My league is a 12 team PPR format and has two six team divisions.  The following is an analysis of my draft and current team construction. 

My Draft:

1.  Rashard Mendenhall RB

2.  Matt Schaub QB

3.  Chad Ochocinco WR

4.  Matt Forte RB

5.  Pierre Garcon WR

6.  Arian Foster RB*

7.  Braylon Edwards WR

8.  Visanthe Shiancoe TE

9.  D.J. Williams LB

10. Ray Lewis LB

11. Roman Harper S

12. Antoine Bethea S

13. Robert Mathis DE

14. Greg Camarillo WR

15. Nate Burleson WR*

16. Calais Campbell DE

17. Chad Henne QB

18. Chester Taylor RB

19. Kevin Walter WR

20. Dexter McCluster WR/RB/KR/PR

Thoughts and Analysis:

Early in the draft I was looking to add top quality to the power positions and I feel I was successful.  I acquired a top 5 Quarterback and what I feel will be two top 10 running backs in Mendenhall and Foster.  Foster was an absolute steal in the sixth round and he really slid in my draft because everyone else thought he was already drafted due to confusion with an earlier pick.  Sometimes it is luck that helps you to the championship.  I truly feel that Arian Foster has a good chance of putting up some big numbers in a powerful offense.  Mendenhall has the same possibility, but is in danger of starting out slow as teams stack the line against Pittsburgh in an effort to force Dennis Dixon to win games with his arm.



There was some quality later in the draft and I see Nate Burleson was a good late round depth pickup.  Nate will see many single coverages as teams are worried about Calvin Johnson and Javid Best beating them.  I choose Both Matt Forte and Chester Taylor (Handcuff) to shore up my running back position to protect against injury or other unexpected circumstances.

I intentionally left the defense unitl late in the draft because there is some decent defensive players on the waiver wire, but you always want to start with a good base.  The middle of my defense is stacked with tackle machines Ray Lewis, D.J. Williams, Roman Harper, and Antoine Bethea.


My sleeper picks include Dexter McCluster and Greg Camarillo.  McCluster is going to play a number of positions in an effort to utilize his speed.  McCluster does play for a bad Chiefs team and it is uncertain how many touches per game he will enjoy but he will get rushing, receiving, and return yardage. 

Greg Camarillo recently was traded to the Minnesota Vikings which helped his fantasy value.  The Vikings are hurting at WR and Camarillo is a sure handed receiver who can quickly become a favorite target for Brett Favre.  Favre has a history of making little known possession receivers in to fantasy studs ( see Chansi Stucky, Jericho Cotchery, Sidney Rice, Antonio Freeman, Bill Schoeder, and Robert Brooks, ETC...).

Overall I feel that this draft went much better than a lot of my previous drafts since I drafted towards the back end of the first round which lets me stock up on some good players in bunches instead of long gaps in value that comes with the higher picks.  So here's to another exciting and sometimes disappointing fantasy season, and remember to check back for my weekly fantasy team updates.