Nittany Lions Coming to The Land of The Bear

Will NorwoodContributor ISeptember 9, 2010

Marquis Maze preparing for the upcoming season.
Marquis Maze preparing for the upcoming season.Dave Martin/Getty Images

Words cannot begin to describe the tradtion of Alabama and Penn State's football programs. Throughout history both have gone through their ups and downs, but they are more often that not always contenders for the national title any given year.

1979. Sorry just had to throw that out there!

With all that being said, I am going to go ahead with my prediction. 27-17 Bama. You may say I am a biased Alabama fan, and maybe I am being just a bit biased but how many of us aren't? I think the Nittany Lions true freshman QB, Bolden, will be a wonderful thing for their program. However, Don'ta Hightower and the Bama defense should prove too much. 

 Don't expect long successful drives for the Nittany lions, but the Tide defense may give up a few big plays. I believe that Marcell Dareus will be sorely missed this week. This will be a tough game for both sides.

Special teams will make or break either side. Look out for Chaz Powell to be a key special teams player for Penn State.

This is my prediction based what I saw from these two teams in their openers. Best of luck to both sides and Roll Tide!