Kahli Is He So Great?.......

Michael Null Contributor IAugust 8, 2008

This is my first article here honestly anywhere, so I's like to introduce myself. My name is Mike Null I am from West Virginia, and a very big WWE fan. What I write is only my opion on what i have read rather it be true or not. With that beeing said lets jump in to it.


I have just recently read  that The Great Khali's future may be in jeopardy, but my question is did he ever honestly have a future? I mean look at his track record and his matches they were not up to the standard you'd expect to see. His entrance in to the WWE on April 7th of 2006 when he came out and attacked  The Undertaker during a match with Mark Henery, after that he was a dominant force beating Funaki and  Rey.


 At The Great American Bash Khali was supposed to face The Undertaker  but  he was replaced by Big Show. Kahail did not return Until August 4th where he was challenged by The Undertaker to a last man standing match at Summerslam, however that match took place on a episode of Smackdown due to health reasons. Kahil would not return till October and was placed on ECW. He had a  feud with Tommy Dreamer . Then he was moved again to  Raw.

When arriving to Raw Kahli had a match with John Cena where he won due to a DQ. Kahli then attacked Cena. Leading up to He Won the match after he delivered a choke dropped then after the match he choked Kane with his own rope and hook.

Kahil did have some success when he attempted to make a run for the tittle. after retuning back to Smackdown Kahil won a twenty man battle royal winning the belt. He then feuded with Rey. Kahli lost the belt in a triple threat match at Unforgiven to Batista.Since Kahil has feuded with Finlay and The Big Show, he was in the royal ruble but was eliminated by The Undertaker.

So, what makes Kahli so special is it his size his strength I don't get it. I mean sure he is strong but in this business you need more than strength you need to be able to capture peoples attention and for me Kahli dosen't. I think back  to the big men WWE has  had over the years and they more than strength. Look at Andre and what he did, his matches meant something and I'm not saying that because he's a legend I say that beacuse it is the truth. Look at his match with Hogan you can look back and see it was amazing, what match has Kahli had that makes you say that.


In  my humble opion Kahli's career was over before it began. He has no talent inside or outside the ring, he looks stiff during most of his matches and he really hasn't connected with the fans witch is most important. With Kahli's match with The Game coming up at Summerslam I wonder if his career will be slammed and he'll be down and out for good