Finally Back on the Water

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Finally Back on the Water
I guess you have notice for the past couple of weeks that I have not posted any fishing trips. I spent my fishing day last week visiting with my best friend while his wife was undergoing an operation. Everything turned out fine. This past weekend was taken up with my wife and me spending three days in Dallas Texas at my nieces wedding. We made it home late Sunday night. So needless to say I was looking forward to getting back on the water. One of my fishing buddies and I spent a couple of hours on Smith this morning fishing for some more of those fighting Kentucky Spots. We had some jarring hits on some of the large poppers. The water is falling on the lake. Lake management always lowers the lake in the fall anticipating the spring rains. This is one of the best times to see what is actually under water. Lots of ledges are always exposed, which creates a constant shade for some big bass. So the whole trip today was centered round learning how to get that big popper under a ledge which would protrude back sometimes 2 ft. If you was lucky enough to land that bug as close to the back wall and under that daunting ledge---then your bug would get killed by a largemouth, big bull gill or one of those mean spots. I manage to land a couple of nice spots in the 15” range under the ledges and a nice meal of gills to carry home. The 4 Wt. got a work out today. My buddy helped out with the gill donation. He was having the same problem I was with the close mouth hits by the bass. So we were really glad to land the fish we did. I always learn something on every trip I make and today was no exception. My buddy was using a skip cast to get his fly underneath the ledges, which was producing some awesome hits. To say I learned how to master this cast today is an understatement. Let me put it this way I will need to make more trips. Sorry guys no pictures my camera was still in my wife’s car full of wedding pictures and not in the boat with me----BOMBER!!!!

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